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Can SEO Really Help Your Plumbing Business

As a new blog on the Online Advantages website notes, well-developed plumbing SEO strategies can definitely give plumbing businesses an edge.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, August 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Matt Maglodi, founder of full-service Internet marketing company Online Advantages, recently overheard a plumbing business owner wondering if SEO would really help the business in any tangible way.

As Maglodi knows first-hand, high-quality SEO services can certainly help virtually any type of business succeed. It inspired him to write a new blog that takes an in-depth look at how SEO can help plumbing businesses.

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As the blog notes, marketing has definitely evolved over the years. While plumbing businesses got by in the mid-90s with a great website, today it’s imperative to branch out for an even stronger online presence.

“Well-developed plumbing SEO strategies can give you an edge by increasing your rankings in local search engine results, so potential customers can find you when they need you,” the blog notes, adding that this approach gives plumbing companies a better return on investment compared to traditional ones. advertising, helps the company save money on expensive print, television and radio advertisements, and provides instant, two-way contact and communication between the company and its target market.

To help plumbing businesses start improving their SEO strategies, the blog also includes five helpful tips that are simple, doable things homeowners can do on their own.

For example, plumbing companies should check their business listings to ensure that their business quotes, such as hours, locations, services, and customer testimonials are up-to-date, accurate, and truthful. This way, plumbing companies can be assured that their business is showing up correctly in Google Maps and reflecting the customer experience customers can expect. Checking Google Analytics and the design of the website and how it looks to site visitors are also quick DIY tasks.

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