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Chainsaw Man Anime Expo Panel: Live Blog

The time has come! As the fourth day of Anime Expo kicks off, all eyes are on the main stage today! Why is that? Well, Chainsaw Man is here and ready to make his fall debut to American fans. The full panel promises to reveal new updates on the anime and even give us a first look at the series. And of course, ComicBook is here to give you all the details as they unfold live…!

Live Updates (7)

Otsuka-san teases when new information about the anime will go live for fans. He says he wanted to bring something here to AX, so it’s coming soon. Really soon.

The team is also giving fans the latest findings after teasing further updates in the future. Seko-san is the first, and he says he hasn’t seen full footage yet. He’s really excited to see more, so he can understand how excited the fans are. Kimura-san thanks the fans for coming to the panel and says that the original manga is about to start its new part on July 13. We are working hard to launch the anime. We’re looking to do something never done before as a team with our new images, so thank you!

And Otsuka-san ends the panel. He says the crowd was valuable because we could see how excited the American fans were before anything even started. I want to bring that energy back to Japan because we work very hard there. So I’m going to use that passion as energy to make an anime that will blow your mind.

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Kimura-san is asked who the composer of the soundtrack was. How will its direction match the sentiment of the manga? The producer says he didn’t choose the talent but rather asked for it. Its tempo is very different from others and has worked on other titles like Devilman Crybaby. They knew his sound would go well with CM and help guide his direction. Kimura-san the composer also loves CM and works closely with the director and sound director to create all the background music. We are currently working on the music right now. So, I hope everyone is looking forward to the series because the music from the PV is just the start.

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The team is asked a series of questions sent in by fans. They are asked what influence CM and his pre-anime fame had on the production of the show behind the scenes. Otsuka-san obviously says that MAPPA has worked on a lot of popular titles, but we were surprised at how crazy the reception was for the PV. There were some small parts of him that expected it, but he didn’t quite see it.

Kimura-san is asked how CM will handle the gore and whether censorship or blurring will be used to tone it down. The producer first says that we don’t censor anything. You won’t see any hatching or anything. We want to be faithful to the original manga. We want to do our best to stay in the story, so what you see in there, we want to bring to the fans.

Seko-san is asked how his team adapted the manga’s unpredictable pace into a script for the anime. The writer shares things on a case-by-case basis with each episode and by the adapted chapter. We do our best to craft each storyline to the best of the story. But there are times when we review things, if they last a little long, we adjust a little. Or if it takes longer, we add some padding.

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Seko-san is asked about her career and what attracts her the most to CM. He says he had two main points in mind while writing this anime. First, there are a lot of crazy characters – humans and demons. He wanted to make sure that was included. And on the other hand, Denji – the main character – is a major charm. The character has raw energy, and he has needs: food and women. I don’t think any other character is so believed in needing those two things. That kind of personality drives the story, so I wanted to make sure we included that charm.

The team is then asked about Denji and Pochita as the series’ leads. Aki, Power and the others are high. It seems the crowd is mostly obsessed with Power and Pochita. After hearing audiences react to each character, the team says it’s a great reference for them behind the scenes. Seko-san believes that a lot of power has come for Power.

And of course, the team is asked about their favorite characters. Otsuka-san says Power, and that’s because she has a lot of charming looks. She is Denji’s girlfriend, and that relationship is clear. We wanted to highlight that in the anime as well. The producer says Denji because it relates to his needs. And for Seko-san, he says Makima. He would do whatever the character asked of him, he couldn’t say no to him.

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Kimura-san is asked how Fujimoto-sensei is involved in the CM anime. The producer says the team works closely with him. The creator was involved from the start, including planning, casting, and music. He’s involved in everything, and that’s important because we want to keep that original vision in mind.

Otsuka-san is asked about the studio’s overall production quality, from AOT to JJK and CM and more. How will the anime adapt CM’s intense visuals? The CEO says it all comes down to what the director wants to see. I know that because of the story itself – a chainsaw demon and fantasy aspects – we want to emphasize reality and rawness even with ambitious ideas. There’s also the action that we all want to see, it’s almost theatrical compared to the original work. We also wanted to include that in the anime.

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The team introduces itself to fans, and producer Kimura-san notes that there are tons of cosplayers for Chainsaw Man. It’s crazy for the whole team since the anime hasn’t even been released yet!

First, Kimura-san is asked how Chainsaw Man was chosen to become an anime. He says they started seeing CM as a band. The producer and the team saw it coming as a manga and they wanted to release it as a manga. Kimura-san wanted to work without a production committee, so we’re doing it all on our own. We talked to Shueisha about the idea and the editor agreed. The team is therefore delighted to present it to the fans.

The producer goes on to talk about the manga. He wants to know how many people have read the manga which is the whole crowd.

Otsuka-san is then asked how the production team is structured to produce CM. The CEO says he’s a big fan of the original manga, so he wanted to create images that fans like me want to see on screen. I wanted to highlight it with the team.

And Seko-san is asked what he should be careful of when writing CM. He says if you’ve seen the manga, you know there are a lot of characters here who have loose screws. But he wanted to point out that they were putting on all the hardcore stuff, not the soft stuff.

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The panel begins with Crunchyroll’s Kyle Cardine stepping out on stage. The crowd goes wild from the start as you can imagine. The panel ended early this morning and the crowd is beyond amplifying. The rest of the guests start hanging out after its first trailer is shown to the world. Hiroshi Seko, the series’ composer, is joined by Manabu Otsuka, the CEO of MAPPA. Makoto Kimura joins as Executive Director and Managing Director at MAPPA.