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Choosing a Bubble Player –

Choose a bubble player

July 7, 2022

Giovanni Bernard better be careful.

So why should the veteran Bucs running back worry? Well, BSPN picked one player from each NFL team, a veteran, who is at risk of having his bubble burst and be on the streets looking for work come September.

And for ESPN’s Jenna Laine, the Bucs veteran who might want to hire is Bernard.

With Leonard Fournette becoming a three-try guard, improving Ke’Shawn Vaughn and the Bucs selecting Rachaad White in the third round of the NFL Draft, where does that leave Bernard? He’ll be 31 in November and he caught 23 passes for 123 yards and 58 rushing yards on eight carries last year. If White quickly assimilates into the Bucs system and can consistently take a blitz, Bernard could be left out.

Joe doesn’t believe Bernard is in danger of getting fired. When he’s healthy and on the active playday roster, he always finds a way to get into the game.

If you think about it, Rachaad White basically replaced Ronald Jones. So if the Bucs keep four running backs, Bernard is probably safe.

What Bernard has to worry about is if a camp meat guy or a future Geek Squad manager heads into training camp and preseason. Still, the Bucs are aiming for another Super Bowl. Who do you think Tom Brady would rather block for him and catch passes out of the backfield, a veteran like Bernard or a kid from East Cornfield State in his rookie season?

Joe doesn’t believe the Bucs will hurt Brady and stick him with a Dare Ogunbowale-wannabe like they did Jameis.