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Citizen x My Block My Hood My Town | by Citizen | CITIZEN Blog | November 2022

The Citizen team was recently featured in the weekly My block my hood my city Call Zoom to see over 70 faces that seemed to be celebrating. Pride beamed from block leaders during roll call as they shared updates on the positive progress in their wards. My block my hood my cityis a Chicago-based advocacy and violence interruption group with a mission “Inspiring young people, empowering communities and building a better world one block at a time”. During this Zoom call, it was undeniable that the My block my hood my city leaders have the pulse of their city and a deep connection to the people they pledge to protect, which Citizen respects and is one of the many reasons we are thrilled to work with this noble organization.

Citizen was introduced to this group and their incredible work while on the ground in Chicago. Citizen mission of “Protect Your World” includes researching mission-driven organizations like MBMHMC working together to empower communities to take control of their safety. In a recent blog post, we shared Citizen pledging $5 million to protect the Bay Area Asian community, and now once again, with the generous help of the Goodwater Collective, Citizen has donated one year of Citizen Premium accounts to all members. My block my hood my city to support them in their work.

Founder and CEO Jahmal Cole notes that My block my hood my city was born out of a desire to provide opportunities for Chicago’s youth and empower the community by reducing a major obstacle plaguing the city: violence. Countless young people in Chicago feel limited in their choice of success, My block my hood my city aims to expand what their world looks like for these young people by providing scholarships, neighborhood walks and group access Explorers Program.

Over the past five years My block my hood my city presence and efforts have extended to community organizing and development, holistic care offerings and small business support. My block my hood my city understands that this kind of overwhelming change starts with moving block by block.

“That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with the Citizen app to highlight the positive things that are being done [on] the block. For us at My block my hood my citydemocracy begins at the bloc level.

Citizen and My Block My Hood My City work together to create a better world. Building on our newly formed partnership is a step in the right direction to keep Chicagoans safe and bring the Chicago community together.

Citizen is available for iOS and Android platforms. Learn more about the app here.