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Cloudy start to the weekend, return of the sun for Easter

The Easter weekend across the region presents a two-day narrative – with cloudy skies on Saturday and warmer temperatures followed by sunny skies on Sunday and cooler temperatures.

Highs on Saturday will climb into the 70s with mostly cloudy skies. During the afternoon I expect a few showers to develop. Overall, coverage from these showers will be limited, with only a few locations receiving light rain.

Overnight, a weak front will creep into our area. This will bring us cooler temperatures for Sunday, with a change in wind direction to a more northerly direction. Occasionally windy conditions will be present on Easter Sunday with a few gusts of 20-25mph from the north.

The next BIG time maker arrives as we enter Monday. Models latched onto the idea of ​​a batch of rain pushing Monday afternoon. Rain is expected locally heavy at times. The winds will also be on the windy side of the east.

Rainfall totals will be around 1″ or less for the region, but this rain should be widespread enough and last long enough to bring pollen levels down for Tuesday and Wednesday.

I hope you are having a good weekend!
Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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