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Community Man Devin White –

Community Man Devin White

July 10, 2022

White Seer

Buccaneers savior Devin White has a lot of critics.

That comes from being No. 5 overall and not playing as well in 2021 as he did in 2020.

Fair or unfair, that’s how it is. Ask Gerald McCoy.

Joe heard from many fans that White seemed to be distracted by too much off the court since the Bucs won the Super Bowl. Joe can’t go. That may be true; maybe not.

Just because the guy owns a stable, has racing standardbreds and does GQ videos and like to smell good doesn’t mean he’s not a focused football player. There is a little-known story about White freaking out over a very expensive piece of jewelry being stolen, but it was told to Joe off the record and, still, Joe can’t say anything about what happened that would affect the White’s game. It’s just not fair to start connecting those dots.

White was injured last season and took a step back from his otherworldly play in the 2020 playoffs. It happens. And White was just 23 last season and still made the Pro Bowl.

Joe was greatly encouraged, however, to hear Derrick Brooks raving about White’s hunger and focus, and White harboring a youth camp this weekendand what he did for a Tampa Bay host family earlier this year. These are all signs that White is on the right track and any chatter about his distraction is probably unwarranted.