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  • Copper Pig, a Southampton gathering place, has closed.

Copper pig (4611 Macklind Avenue; 314-499-7166), a beloved Southampton gathering place, served its last guests. The restaurant, which opened six years ago, announced the closure on Facebook Monday night after the service, quoting simply “Thank you. Copper Pig served his last drink and last meal tonight.”

Opened by veteran bartender Nhat Nguyen in 2015, Copper Pig was known for its fusion of Asian and Latin dishes and American-style comfort food, a unique marriage based on Nguyen’s experiences as a first-generation American with relatives. immigrants. Drawing on the food he ate as a child in a Southeast Asian home in the Midwest, as well as the Latin American food he fell in love with while living in Miami, Copper Pig has won fans for its eclectic dishes, great cocktails and warm atmosphere. .

Although he is happy with what he has created and the restaurant continues to be profitable, Nguyen simply felt it was time to step away.

“It’s been going through my mind for a while,” says Nguyen. “I’m not dead and I wasn’t forced to leave. I’m just tired of something. Like in any relationship, sometimes you get tired and want something new. Call it an amicable divorce. . I have no ill will towards anyone, even the detractors. Sometimes you just want to come away with a good taste in your mouth rather than a bad one. ”

As Nguyen explains, his decision to shut down Copper Pig is based on his desire to quit the hospitality industry indefinitely rather than issues with the restaurant. Having worked in the company for many years, he explains that he got tired of the long hours and six to seven day work weeks – something he easily accepted as part of the gig but now feels the need to take a step back.

“I’m definitely not going to resurface in the hospitality industry for some time,” Nguyen said. “I don’t hate it. It served me well, but I just want to get away from it for a while.”

Nguyen notes that he is fortunate enough to own the building where Copper Pig was located and that he is open to a tenant taking possession of the space, although he states that he is in no rush to. ‘find one. If that potential person wanted to reopen as Copper Pig, he would embrace the idea, although he believes a new and unique concept would serve everyone involved better.

“I don’t see why they would want to keep the name Copper Pig, because I think it would ruin their thing,” Nguyen said. “The identity of Copper Pig is what I did, so I think they’d like to do their own thing.”

When it comes to the loyal customers he has gained over the years and the Southampton neighborhood that has supported him, Nguyen is grateful and sees the area as a prime location for a future business owner.

“Six years isn’t forever, but it’s a pretty decent time, especially in this neighborhood,” says Nguyen. “The local residents really supported me. I had no idea the food was going to spill over when I turned on the lights six years ago; I didn’t tell anyone that I was open; I just turned on the lights and they came out. This is how the neighborhood is. ”

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