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Dancing With The Stars Season 31 Recap: Disney+ Premiere Live Blog

Happy Monday everyone! Ashley here, and I’m thrilled to be back to live blog another season of Dancing with the stars! And this year, there are major changes!

The biggest change to Season 31 is that DWTS will now air live exclusively on Disney+. It’s a decision that fans didn’t really like, while some can’t watch at all because they’re not subscribed to the streaming service, so I’m happy to be here to give you all the updates from this season for those who want them. their!

As fans cringed at the news of Tyra Banks back at the host, they then rejoiced at the news that she will be joined by the former DWTS champion Alfonso Ribeiro! Carrie Ann Inaba, Derek Hough, Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman so all return to the judges’ table.

Unlike previous seasons, there will be an elimination at the end of tonight’s premiere, so voting is crucial! Vote at or text the candidate’s FIRST NAME to 21523. Voting begins at the top of the show.

With that, let’s go dancing!

Season 31 kicks off with a group performance with all the pros! This season, original pros Louis Van Amstel and Mark Ballas return to the ballroom!

Jordin and Brandon – Cha Cha

Jordin was a little stiff during this performance but overall he did very well! It was a pretty simple choreography but it’s planned for the first night. I can see this is a couple made in heaven!

Len says she did a fantastic job. Derek tells her to work on the placement of the feet. Bruno says he wants to dance with her and the whole audience too! Carrie Ann says she didn’t disappoint.

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 6, Derek- 6, Bruno- 7 = 26/40

Sam and Cheryl – Foxtrot

It’s already clear that Sam isn’t the best dancer here, but he’s one of those super fun competitors to watch and has a natural chemistry with Cheryl that makes the performance enjoyable.

Derek says there were some timing issues but overall a great first dance (okay). Bruno says the forecast is good. Carrie Ann says it was tender and sweet, and made it an essential memory (k lol). Len says a few dark clouds appeared but he did a fabulous job for Week 1.

Carrie Ann- 5, Len- 5, Derek- 5, Bruno- 5 = 20/40

Heidi and Artem – Cha Cha

Heidi says she was a competitive dancer, but this performance started out pretty weak. He picked up in the middle, but definitely looked like a Week 1 Cha Cha.

Bruno says she’s a hot mom. Carrie Ann credits her for showing people that dancing is something the family can do together. Len says she danced with confidence but should try to have more freedom in her movements. Derek says he wonders who Daddy D’Amelio will vote for.

Carrie Ann- 6, Len- 6, Derek- 6, Bruno- 6 = 24/40

Daniel and Britt – Tango

These two dance so well together. As always, it was a simple choreography for the first night, but Daniel practically perfected it. He certainly has room for improvement, but he’s already a contender.

Carrie Ann says it was amazing and powerful with gorgeous lines. Len says his frame was good and full of attack. Derek says overall it was so impressive. Bruno says if Streisand would watch, she would be very happy.

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 6, Derek- 7, Bruno- 7 = 27/40

Jessie and Alan – Cha Cha

I literally said out loud, “Oh my God, why is she stomping??” As a ballroom dancer with a preference for Latin dancing, I’m very picky with dances like this. She wasn’t horrible, but she has a lot to learn.

Len says she needs to work on her legs. Derek reminds her to straighten her legs. Bruno says the dance has lost the Cha Cha. Carrie Ann says she went, but she needs to finish the moves.

Carrie Ann- 5, Len- 5, Derek- 5, Bruno- 5 = 20/40

Therese and Pasha – Tango

Ok, the table flip at the start was nifty. But ugh, this one is too stompy. And what happened when they both stood there doing nothing for three seconds??

Derek reminds her to keep her frame wide. Bruno says she has to use all the fire and passion while she dances. Carrie Ann tells her to stay focused and present. Len mentions how she lost focus in the middle and needs to attack the dance more.

Carrie Ann- 5, Len- 5, Derek- 5, Bruno- 5 = 20/40

Wayne and Witney – Cha Cha

Wayne won! Jk, he hasn’t even danced yet. We all know he’s going to make it to the final, if not win it all. Mostly by the way, Witney didn’t make it a typical Week 1 Cha Cha, but a bit more advanced. Because this guy knows how to dance.

Bruno welcomes everyone to Wayne’s Dance World. Carrie Ann says her top half was better than her bottom half. Len tells her not to overdo it, but it was the most watchable dance of the night. Derek says he brings joy to everything he does and finds the balance between charisma and technique.

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 7, Derek- 7, Bruno- 8 = 29/40

Cheryl and Louis – Cha Cha

This has to be the slowest Cha Cha I have ever seen. It wasn’t even simple choreography because there was hardly any Cha Cha.

Carrie Ann says it was too simple. Len says it was shy. Derek says she has beautiful arms and he can’t wait to see her ballroom dancing. Bruno says she needs to push a little further.

Carrie Ann- 6, Len- 5, Derek- 5, Bruno- 5 = 21/40

Vinny and Koko – Salsa

It takes a lot to ruin the salsa. It was pretty boring compared to how pumped up the salsa is, and part of that is down to the boring choreography. It’s week 1, but this salsa could have been a little spicier.

Len says he didn’t dance like it was a club dance. Derek says there were timing issues but it was a great first dance. Bruno says it’s a feat to finish the dance. Carrie Ann says he let Koko do all the work and she wants to see him pump.

Carrie Ann- 4, Len- 4, Derek- 5, Bruno- 4 = 17/40

Shangela and Gleb – Salsa

Love seeing the first drag performer on DWTS, and Shangela can dance!! It wasn’t a simple choreography for the first week, I’m glad Gleb didn’t hold back. These two could go a long way.

Derek says tweak it a bit, but well done. Bruno says it was so spicy and so hot, it was intoxicating. Carrie Ann thanks her for coming and being all she is. Len says there was no holding back, she walked out and sold it 100%.

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 7, Derek- 7, Bruno- 7 = 28/40

Trevor and Emma – Quickstep

I’ll never understand why they give Quickstep the first week, but holy shit! Trevor just blew my mind! Quickstep isn’t easy to do on a good day let alone the first night. Trevor can definitely dance and you can see from this performance alone what a great teacher Emma is.

Bruno says he needs to refine himself because he has the talent. Carrie Ann says don’t be afraid to dance because he can dance. Len says it was hectic and manic (BOO). Derek says he thought it would be a disaster but he did a great job!

Carrie Ann- 5, Len- 5, Derek- 5, Bruno- 6 = 21/40

Gabby and Val–Jive

I’m impressed, this girl can dance. Val is always one of those pros who make their students look better than them, but I don’t think that’s the case this time around. And Harry Styles’ “As It Was” is a surprisingly great Jive song.

Carrie Ann says she has great legs. Len says it was great. Derek says it was the best dance of the night. Bruno says first Jive, first class.

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 7, Derek- 7, Bruno- 7 = 28/40

Joseph and Daniella – Jive

Another person is clumsy. It works a bit better with a Jive but doesn’t cut it. Good choreography, Daniella is good like that, but Joseph has a lot to learn and luckily a good teacher to learn it.

Len says his footwork was too soft and supple. Derek says he enjoyed it. Bruno says he will come back (ha). Carrie Ann says he is fascinating to watch and reminds her of Iman.

Carrie Ann- 6, Len- 5, Derek- 6, Bruno- 6 = 23/40

Jason and Peta – Cha Cha

It was a very simple Week 1 Cha Cha but Jason still couldn’t nail it unfortunately. I can see him being maybe better at ballroom dancing than Latin.

Derek says because it’s week 1, it can only get better. Bruno tells her not to count out loud. Carrie Ann tells him he needs to breathe. Len says it was a disappointing performance.

Carrie Ann- 5, Len- 4, Derek- 4, Bruno- 5 = 18/40

Selma and Sasha – Waltz Vienesse

It was so good. Salma nailed every step and Sasha proved, as usual, what an excellent teacher he is. And double the points for dancing to David Cook’s “Time of My Life”!

Bruno says she created the magic tonight. Carrie Ann says she danced it like a real artist. Len tells her not to underestimate herself as she came out and danced beautifully. Derek says her strength and courage define her, not her illness, and his only note is that it wasn’t longer.

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 7, Derek- 7, Bruno- 7 = 28/40

Charli and Mark – Cha Cha

Charli has a natural talent for dancing, but Mark is not an easy partner to have. He’s hardcore and full of talent, and I wonder if Charli will live up to those expectations that come with Mark as a partner. Adding a little TikTok-esque step was cute and this ending! Court!

Carrie Ann welcomes TikTok to Disney+. Len basically says she made it. Derek welcomes Mark and then says that Charli exceeded expectations. Bruno says this performance was the icing on the cake for tonight.

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 8, Derek- 8, Bruno- 8 = 32/40

Len thanks America for everyone’s kind words about the Queen’s passing, then the show recaps the night as the scores are tallied.

The last 2 are… Jason and Peta and Teresa and Pasha.

The couple who come home are… Jason and Peta.

I was expecting a much more disastrous start to the season, I agree with you lol I’m actually impressed with all the talent in the ballroom tonight. Who is everyone rooting for? I had an early favorite before the series started, but now I’m going for Trevor and Emma! See you next week for Elvis Night!!