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Date and time of release from the Morbius streaming platform

Watch your favorite vampire soon on the home screen.

Morbius may not have record box office earnings, but it could certainly win the prize for record delays. Since its originally scheduled release on 31st In July 2020, the film was continually delayed first to March 19 next year and then to October 8 due to the pandemic.

And similarly due to various reasons like conflicts with other movies, Morbius faced a total of 6 delays but hey, it was finally scheduled for 1st April as if they were planning to cheat on us once again on April Fool’s Day, but luckily that didn’t happen.

Now that it’s finally in theaters and not doing too well, the next question arises when will it be available on the digital streaming service, and if there’s a way to watch it online.

Here’s what we know so far:

What is Morbius talking about?

Morbius is technically part of the Spider-Man universe, but it’s unconfirmed which Spider-Man universe we’re talking about. Maybe you will know after watching the movie. Morbius is another addition to the anti-hero universe that Sony is desperately trying to build after seeing the success of Venom and Venom: Let there be carnage.

The film follows the story of Dr. Michael Morbius who constantly tries to cure his rare blood disorder and searches for a cure. He somehow manages to make this possible with the help of a few benefactors by mixing human blood with the DNA of a bat, but the side effect turns him completely into a bloodthirsty vampire.

The film revolves around Morbius struggling to survive the fight between his own personality and his darker side.

Morbius OTT release date

For the moment, the film is exclusively released in theaters. As for when it will be available for digital streaming, there has been no official announcement. But it will happen for sure since Netflix has signed an exclusive “pay 1 window” broadcasting right. Disney+ and Hulu also have similar rights after signing the deal for “pay 2 window” streaming rights.

So, if nothing else, these three OTT platforms will surely bring the movie to the comfort of your home. But the time in which the movie will arrive could take a while. If we follow the trajectory of past events like Venom 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Home, it could take a very long time for the movie to finally start airing.

If you want to watch the movie so badly, right now you have no choice but to go to the cinema. There is no legal way to watch the movie from home just yet.