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Demeo is reimagining game night on PlayStation in 2023 – PlayStation.Blog

Do you remember the nostalgic feeling of game night? It’s a Friday night. You just opened a bag of crisps. Your friend on the other side of the table watches and waits impatiently while your two other friends – who arrived late – take their character sheets out of their bags and try to find their dice. Anticipation builds. The board is ready. You are about to experience the greatest adventure the world has ever known.

There’s something very special about getting around the table role-playing with friends, and as a VR studio full of gamers who’ve been around the neighborhood a few times – including some of the creators the most important multiplayer games like Mike Booth (left 4 Dead) and Tom Hall (Doom) – we asked ourselves a question: how could we recreate this magic in an immersive experience that captures not only the gameplay, but also the feeling around a table with friends to cast spells and kill monsters?

Demeo is reinventing game night on PlayStation in 2023

Our answer is Demeo – the award-winning VR experience (which is also available outside of VR) that we’ve continued to build on since its launch last year with new heroes, new adventures and more. And now we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be bringing Demeo to PlayStation VR2 and PlayStation 5 in 2023 with a host of great features that truly make it one of the best ways to experience Demeo yet.

The haptics of the PlayStation 5’s PS VR2 Sense controllers, headset and DualSense wireless controller will each play a part in immersing you deeper than ever in Demeo – and it’s not just great moments like feeling shaken by a fireball or other offensive spells. Imagine descending with your PS VR2 Sense controller to pick up the different pieces of the game and feel a different weight for each one. This is the level of depth we aim to capture with our haptic implementation.

The visual fidelity of PlayStation 5 and PS VR2 has given us plenty of reason to revamp our graphics to take advantage of what’s possible on PlayStation hardware. If you thought heroes and monsters looked intimidating before, wait until you see them with our latest shaders! Refresh rate is also a crucial part of creating a comfortable virtual experience, which is why we’re excited to take advantage of 120Hz refresh on PS VR2.

Thanks to hardware-level eye-tracking capabilities, we’ll also be able to bring some magic to our menus: PS VR2 players will be able to make selections in Demeo’s menus in the blink of an eye. It’s a surprisingly fast experience that gets you to your next game in no time.

When Demeo launches on the PlayStation Store, it will be available to gamers who have jumped into the virtual world, as well as those who haven’t, but that doesn’t mean PlayStation gamers who want both experiences should buy it twice. . Players will be able to enjoy Demeo on PS VR2 and PlayStation 5 in a single purchase, giving players the flexibility to start each adventure on whatever hardware they choose. Whether it’s a “Relax on the couch” day or a “Surround yourself with your fellow adventurers in virtual reality”, we’ve got you covered.

What if you want to play Demeo with your friends, but they’re playing on hardware other than PlayStation? You can do that too! With continued support from Sony developers, Demeo players on PS5 and PS VR2 will be able to engage in sessions with their friends no matter where they prefer to play.

We’ve had an absolute pleasure over the past few years moving around the virtual table with friends to roll dice, play cards and move minis – and we’re delighted to welcome the entire PlayStation community to join the fun. in 2023!

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