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Did Netflix just cancel ‘Pretty Smart’ season 2?

No, season 2 is coming for ‘Pretty Smart’, it’s done and dusted!? Netflix has just confirmed that there is no new season for the “Pretty Smart” sitcom. On Wednesday, the news was announced. Pretty Smart is an American sitcom directed by Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand. With Emily Osment, Greg Sulkin, Olivia Macklin, Cinthiya Carmona and Michael Hu Rosen.

The series premiered on Netflix on April 8, 2021.

On March 5, 2021, Netflix gave the order for the production series of ten episodes in total. The main producers of the TV show were Doug Mand, Kourtney Kang, Jim Brandon, Brian Singleton and Pamela Fryman.

Why was season 2 canceled?

Although fans are not surprised after the cancellation of season 2. Not many people knew about the TV show. And as we all know, Netflix has better shows on big shows on platforms with big competitors like Ozark, Stranger Things, and a whole lot more high-budget, better.

Plus, the show has great competitors on Netflix. Also, the show was not very successful. People didn’t even know if the show even existed.

Not much publicity or fan following for that matter. The show did not do well on Netflix.

All of the show’s fans have come from Osment’s previous fans, Young & Hungry to other shows he was a part of. Caught the attention of the new show. The show did not have good fans.

People barely knew the show existed.

What is the show about?

Pretty Smart starring Osment as Chelsea, a Harvard intellectual wanted to become a writer. In the series, she gets dumped by her boyfriend and starts living with his not-so-intellectual friend and his eccentric friends.

The sitcom was really slow as the first 10 episodes took place with Grant and Chelsea trying to tell their friend Claire that they had feelings for each other. The plot twist now is that Grant and Claire use to date earlier and now she wants to get rid of her new boyfriend played by Kevin Miles and get back together with Grant.

The plot of the TV show is not interesting even from a sitcom perspective.

Fans learned of the cancellation right after Osment was promoted to a CBS series regular “Young Sheldon.”

Will there ever be a season 2 of “Pretty Smart”?

For the current situation that is happening and considering the fans of the show, as most people don’t even know the show exists. The chances are very slim for the creators of the series. Streaming services like Netflix don’t seem to give permission after a cancellation of the upcoming season.

Although fans shouldn’t be disappointed as Osment has just signed a new gig with Young Sheldon, so fans are sure to see him. Considering that’s the silver lining of it all.