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Does anyone think Gronk is finished? –

“Mmmmmm, Gronk likes students, Tommy.”

Scouring the interwebs and listening to SiriusXM radio, it doesn’t seem like there are many people shoveling dirt on tight end Rob Gronkowski’s career.

As serious as Gronk may have been when he announced on Instagram that he was retiring, his agent, the oily Drew Rosenhaus, threw cold water on the whole idea. Rosenhaus told Pro Football Talk creator, curator and general guru the great Mike Florio, as well as BSPN’s Adam Schefter, that he could easily see Gronk joining Tom Brady mid-season.

You call that a retirement announcement?

From a distance, Joe notices people who are very skeptical about Gronk’s retirement, perhaps. Joe was listening to the Lithium music channel on SiriusXM yesterday when host Steve Covino openly mocked Gronk’s retirement, maybe.

“Does anyone think he’s retiring?” Covino, a sometimes athletic radio host, asked? Covino then said he could easily see Brady meeting Gronk at a Bay Area beach and envisioned the following conversation:

Tom Brady: Dude. Grink, how are you?
Rob Gronkowski: Bro, Camille and I are just hanging out, getting some sun, chillin.
Brady: What are you doing these days?
Gronk: Not much, hang in there. A little bored.
Brady: Come on Gronk, let’s get some students. Want to catch some tuddies? Damn, let’s go!
Gronk: Catch some tuddies? I can catch tuddies!
Brady: Let’s get students!
Gronk: Let’s get students!

And Covino added, “And then Gronk will join Brady and the Bucs and we can end this BS retirement talk.”

Yesterday, even Florio himself stopped short of calling Gronk’s second retirement BS.

For the first time I can remember, a player’s agent publicly called BS on his client. So if Drew Rosenhaus doesn’t believe Gronk when he says he’s retiring, why should anyone else believe him?

Rosenhaus says he thinks Gronk will be back, either this season or next. Our guess is that Gronk won’t be back at the start of training camp in 2022 partly (if not completely) because of the financial offers the Bucs have made.

As Florio rightly pointed out, Rosenhaus does not say things out of the blue. He most likely knew exactly when Gronk was going to post his announcement on Instagram and Rosenhaus was ready to call/text/email Florio/Schefter within minutes. It was not spontaneous.

And Joe will go even further: Gronk and Rosenhaus were playing bad cop/good cop. Gronk was the bad cop with the bad news; Rosenhaus was the good cop with the good news.

As Florio summed it up perfectly, follow the money.

Joe will maintain his long-standing belief that Gronk just doesn’t want to get beat in July and August.