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Doppler 13 Weather Blog Live: Foggy Night in Central Indiana

Travel cautiously and allow extra time with near zero visibility in some areas due to dense fog.

We have discussed the potential for fog for tonight over the past two days and it materializes with rapidly declining visibility on Tuesday night.

As a result, the Indy metro area and surrounding counties are subject to a dense fog advisory until 7 a.m. Wednesday. Please use great caution if driving at night and early Wednesday with fog causing slow to dangerous travel conditions.

Clouds, drizzle and fog persist for most of the day, but visibility is expected to gradually improve on Wednesday afternoon. But shortly after this event will be our next rain generator which will spread widespread precipitation across central Indiana on Wednesday at 7 p.m. and set the stage for a soggy Wednesday night. Snow can mix with rain in the colder air north-northwest of Indy.

The indications continue to support the idea of ​​another gust of unusually hot air coming in just in time for New Years Eve. Temperatures late Friday could be 25 ° + above average , which would be equivalent to temperatures in the 60s.

This sweet air lingers from Friday evening until at least noon on New Year’s Day.

There remains uncertainty on Stormtrack on Saturday. Changes in our forecast of highs near 60 ° could occur. If the storm center goes further north, near record highs in the mid / upper 60s would be more likely. A track further south would be a cooler setup and put more area into play for a little snow. Stay tuned.