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CLERMONT, Florida., February 24, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Educational Services & Consulting (ESC) announces the launch of its all-new blog series. This new online discussion is designed to educate consumers on the steps to take when involved in a car accident and how an Accredited Adjuster (ACA) can help them with their insurance claim.

The first blog in the series is titled “Car Accident and Filing an Insurance Claim”. In this blog, Educational Services & Consulting reviews what to do following a car accident. Readers will learn what information to document at the scene of the accident, including collecting witness contact information, taking photos, recommendations for exchanging insurance information and more. In this blog, readers will also learn when a licensed adjuster will be involved, how long it may take for an adjuster to review the claim, and if the claim is approved, how reimbursement will work. To read this blog in its entirety, visit:

The second blog in the series is titled “I’ve been in a car accident, how can a licensed adjuster help me?” In this blog, readers will learn how, once a claim is filed, an accredited adjuster will be their point of contact throughout the claims process. Educational and counseling services discuss what to submit to the insurance company, including police report, photos, medical records, receipts and other documents. Readers will also learn about the claim processing time, how often they would contact their adjuster, and more about the overall claims process. To read this blog in its entirety, visit:

Co-owner and Chief Strategy Officer, Natalie Zimmermansays “There is so much misinformation online about filing auto accident claims and how a licensed adjuster can help policyholders. We hope our blog series will help educate consumers, so if they need to file an accident claim, their process is seamless.Details are usually lost in the chaos of a car accident.In our first blog in the series, we provide steps to take in the event the driver and the passenger(s) are unable to gather information at the scene of the accident.The case scenario is when all parties involved are uninjured and can gather information and take photos/ One tip we recommend is to take photos of the area where the accident happened, including traffic signs, crosswalks, sidewalks and other identifiers unique to the event. those little details get lost in the translation of the automobile claim filing.”

The final two blogs in the series focus on how to file an auto accident claim and summarizing the roles and responsibilities of the licensed adjuster and claimant. Readers are encouraged to follow Educational Services & Consulting to read these next two blogs which will be posted at:

Zimmerman adds “We hope the information shared in our blog series is helpful. The more information we can provide to the accredited adjuster, the better the outcome for the claimant. Generally, when there is a lack of communication and details between the Certified Adjuster and the claimant, the whole process can drag on and take longer than necessary.”

ESC offers online courses for people who want to earn their Certified Adjuster 6-20 and Registered Customer Service Representative (RCSR) 4-40 credentials. ESC works with insurance companies looking to add additional licensed personnel to their team. Individuals who complete ESC’s 40-hour online course and pass their exam are not required to take a state exam. After passing the ESC exam, individuals can apply for their state license. Those who have passed their ACA exam can work as an all-line trimmer once they receive their state license.

ESC also partners with area colleges/universities and various branches of the US military. Their partnership with educational institutions provides a revenue sharing opportunity for every student who enrolls in ESC courses directly through the school. School resources are not required as ESC will facilitate their online courses and handle any technical support issues.

For those retiring or on leave from one of the United States military branches, Educational Services & Consulting welcomes these candidates to help them transition to civilian life and start a new career. Zimmerman says “Our courses provide the next career change for those leaving their military career. While receiving their military retirement benefits, they can begin a new chapter in their career and continue to have an active income. Many applicants Retired military members earn their ACA designation and really enjoy their next career.The Certified Adjuster position is very procedural, so we think it really appeals to former members of the military.

Educational Services & Consulting is known throughout the industry for offering affordable and flexible online designation courses for those looking to earn their 6-20 ACA designation and 4-40 RCSR designation. This Clermont, Florida based company recently participated in the Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND) conference in Orlando Florida. Their next industry-wide conference they attend is the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) conference. June 15 – 17, 2022.

For more information about ESC’s 6-20 Accredited Adjuster designation or their 4-40 Registered Customer Service Representative designation, call 1-800-309-2459 or visit online at :

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