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Scott Morrison has dismissed claims the coalition is at odds over climate policy, with the prime minister saying the issue has been resolved.

His comments came after National Senator Matt Canavan said the government’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050 was “dead”.

Mr Morrison said the government supported the climate target.

“Everyone knows Matt didn’t support that position, there’s no news there,” he said.

“(Senator Canavan) has held it for a long time, this debate has been done in the coalition and is resolved, our policy has been stated very clearly and it has the strong support of the government.”

Coalition colleagues were quick to reject Senator Canavan’s comments on Wednesday, with national MPs saying the junior coalition partner was committed to net zero.

Campaigning alongside the prime minister, Capricornia Nationals member Michelle Landry told Senator Canavan to toe the party line.

“Tuck your head in, Matt,” she said. “I agree with the position of the government, I am in one of the largest mining electorates in the country.”

Mr Morrison also accused Labor of planning to reintroduce a carbon tax.

“It’s a sneaky carbon tax that Labor is putting in place, and it’s not just on the coal mining industry,” he said.

“It’s about fuel supply, it’s about oil, it’s about gas, it’s about the transport sector, it’s about everything.

“It’s not good for Rockhampton, it’s not good for North Queensland, it’s definitely not good for Western Australia.”

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said on Tuesday there would never be a carbon tax under his government.

NSW Nationals MP and former deputy first minister Michael McCormack said Senator Canavan’s comments did not reflect the majority opinion of the National Party.