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Final Fantasy XVI: release date, plot, characters and expectations

Unfortunately, this will be a PS5 exclusive.

Square Enix, the maker of final fantasy games, plans to bring the next installment online for popular role-playing games. The studio also claimed that the next project which is Final Fantasy XVI game will be the most breathtaking final fantasy game ever.

The game is supposed to introduce new elements compared to older releases, but will also draw inspiration from some games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 15. The game is rumored to break with a long tradition of Final Fantasy games. fantasy too.

Here’s everything we know about Final Fantasy XVI so far:

Plot and characters

Square Enix recently launched an official website for Final Fantasy XVI. On the website, we can get a glimpse of what we can expect from the upcoming game, including the story arc that will be introduced in this episode.

According to the website, the game takes place in the land of Valisthea and is supposed to be full of Mothercrystals, which the website says are “glimmering mountains of crystal that tower over the six realms around them, blessing them with ether.”

People living in this world use mother crystals as a daily necessity and enjoy the benefits the crystals bring. People conjure up magic using these crystals to aid their way of life.

However, the Scourge threatens the peace in Valisthea and deadly creatures called Eikons who reside in Dominants who occupy prominent ranks or places in the world. Clive Rosefield, one of the main characters is now on the road to revenge.

Alongside Clive, Joshua and Jill Warrick will join the fray as main characters.

Final Fantasy 16 release date and expectations

So far we have only received one trailer for the game and many speculations have been made from the trailer. High-profile speculation claims that Final Fantasy XVI may finally be ditching the party system as Clive appears to be on his own on his journey for revenge.

Fans also expect there to be more interesting things to do in the open world settings compared to older versions. Fans have complained in Final Fantasy SV about the lack of interesting things to do other than questing.

The game’s combat system also needs some tweaking as fans have often complained that they don’t have adequate control over their characters during battles. And the 16and installment will supposedly be more story-driven this time around.

As for the release date, no official announcement has been made by the game maker so far regarding the release date. Fans and players expect new information to be released in the spring of this year. The game should be released as early as the end of this year or before the first half of next year.