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first game; Best Game –

first game; best game

July 28, 2022


Antoine Winfield wasted no time Thursday morning telling his Bucs teammates, coaches and fans in the stands that he was ready for the season.

On the very first 11-on-11 play in training camp practice this morning, Tom Brady returned to pass and tried to connect with Mike Evans on a deep pass down the left sideline. Even the greatest (Brady) and one of the best (Evans) can fall victim to a clever ballplayer.

And that was the case with Winfield. Brady’s pass was too long for Evans and Winfield, playing in the middle of the field. He read the play perfectly and as the ball sailed over Evans’ head, Winfield ran, fully sold and made a highlight Brady pick.

Nobody matched Winfield’s game for the rest of practice.

“I just read everything correctly,” Winfield said of the sick game. “I just played my technique, I just made a play on the ball.”

When Joe saw the play, the first thought was that a Bucs assistant was probably yapping at Winfield that a Pro Bowler shouldn’t dive like that in practice. You know, save it for the game?

That’s not how Winfield is wired. If he’s going to be between the scratches, he’s going to do it all. No recreations or demi-@ssing for him.

“I just came here and I’m working hard,” Winfield said. I try to improve myself every day. Play like that, I’m supposed to. I hold myself to a high standard. I should make these parts.

And no, Winfield said no Bucs coach told him to calm down after going Superman on Brady and Evans.