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Friday Blog: Let’s look at the weekend and our next storm system. -Doug

Friday Blog: Let’s look at the weekend and our next storm system. -Doug

Hey guys and girls, it’s Friday blog time. I love the Friday ones. The weekend is almost here. I hate how fast they fly right by and then it’s blog time on Monday lol. But we have plenty of time to watch next week. We are entering a part of the Heady Pattern over the next 5 weeks which will be nice and active and will start next week. First, let’s look at Friday and the weekend.

It will be a little cooler on Friday, but not shabby. It warms into the 50s over the weekend. In fact, the weekend is looking good.


In fact, we enter the 60s on Monday. Our next system arrives on Tuesday. It will be a stronger wave and also gives up the chance of winter weather. Showers and maybe a few thunderstorms Tuesday.

Tuesday evening

As an arctic front falls (our 4th this winter), much colder air filters arrive Tuesday evening. We will move on to freezing rain and sleet.

Tuesday evening

It’s very difficult to determine ice amounts that far away, but we might be having some ice issues right now, so stay tuned. As colder air kicks in, we should see snow on Wednesday.

Wednesday evening

The snow is also rising, I won’t get down to it before Sunday or Monday. Extremely cold temperatures also work. The long term forecast is below.


Next Friday – Saturday: Remaining cold with a few flurries on Saturday.

February 6-12: Most of the week is cool with a chance of rain or snow on Monday, which could accumulate. We are warming up a little on Friday with thunderstorms, then colder with a chance of rain or snow on Saturday.

February 13-19: A cold start to the week with mild temperatures and the risk of rain returning by Tuesday. Remaining mild with possible thunderstorms on Thursday, then much colder with a chance of rain and snow on Friday and Saturday.

February 20-26: The first half of the week cold but mild temperatures the second half of the week. Slight chance of rain Thursday and Friday.

February 27-March 5: A mild start on Sunday and Monday, then cool the rest of the week. Chance of rain on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Best odds Wednesday and Friday.

March 6-12: Cool all week with a chance of rain or snow on Sunday and Monday. Much colder in the middle of the week with a chance of rain or snow returning on Friday.