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Friday Blog: We’re taking a break, but for how long? -Doug

Friday Blog: We’re taking a break, but for how long? -Doug

I hope your week has been going well and that you are staying dry. We’ve had so much rain the past few days that the ground is super saturated. Here’s why we had the floods. It’s crazy, the rains have been accumulating for 36 hours.

In purple are areas that saw more than 8″. But on average, most areas received 4-8″ of rain. Even the areas in yellow with the least rain we picked up 2-4″ of rain. We still have scattered thunderstorms tonight but Friday looks much better. Lots of clouds, but not a bad Friday.


We are really warming up before the weekend. Times will push 80 by Saturday.


We’re well into the 80s on Sunday and staying in the upper 80s all next week. We are getting a break from showers and thunderstorms for the next few days. Most storms are moving into the northern plains, but we still need to watch for them as we may have a few clusters trying to enter the region next week. But the good chance of thunderstorms does not return until the end of next week and next weekend. Many of you have wanted me to make a map of serious long-range threats. So I prepared this for you tonight. Now in May and June, pretty much every time we have a chance for storms, we have a serious threat. Gray days are good days. Yellow days are thunderstorm chances that give us a low serious threat. Orange days are moderate severe threats. Now remember, as we get closer, these can go up or down. I can’t think of an event that I can firmly say we have a high threat of severe weather looking for a way out. But I know at least one of those days will go to high threat as we get closer to events. So this is it.

Serious failure

The long-term predictions are also below.


Next Friday and Saturday: Warm with scattered thunderstorms back in the forecast for Friday and Saturday

May 15-21: A warm start to the week with thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday. A mild mid-week and return to warm weather at the end of the week with thunderstorms from Thursday to Friday.

May 22-28: A mild first half of the week with a hot second half of the week. Chance of thunderstorms Monday through Wednesday, then again Friday and Saturday.

May 29-June 4: A mostly hot week with a chance of thunderstorms on Sunday. Then scattered thunderstorms from Wednesday to Saturday.

June 5-11: Warm with scattered thunderstorms on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

June 12-18: Warming this week with scattered thunderstorms from Monday to Thursday.