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In case you haven’t heard among all the other noises of the week, there has been a small outbreak of a disease called monkeypox in Europe, Canada and the United States. Monkeypox is apparently related to smallpox and is usually not fatal. From NPR Wednesday.

“There is an outbreak of monkeypox in the UK, Portugal, Spain and other European countries. The outbreak is small – so far 68 suspected cases, including eight in England and 20 in Portugal. Cases in Canada and one case in the United States have also been reported.


Monkeypox can be an unpleasant disease; it causes fever, body aches, enlarged lymph nodes, and eventually “smallpox,” or painful fluid-filled blisters on the face, hands, and feet. A version of monkeypox is quite deadly, killing up to 10% of those infected. The version currently in England is softer. Its mortality rate is less than 1%. A case usually resolves in two to four weeks.

Typically, people get monkeypox from animals in West Africa or Central Africa and import the virus to other countries. Person-to-person transmission is not common, as it requires close contact with bodily fluids, such as saliva from coughs or pus from lesions. The risk for the general population is therefore low, notes the British health agency.

As if we needed anything else. Thank goodness we have a president who cares.

A) Which representative of Georgia has been accused of leading a tour of the capital that may have been linked to the January 6 uprising?

B) On Thursday, President Biden hosted the leaders of the two countries seeking to join NATO at the White House?

C) Which NATO member currently opposes the admission of the two countries above?

D) President Biden is visiting which part of the world this weekend?

E) Democrats in the US House of Representatives have passed a bill to make rising gasoline prices illegal. How many Republicans voted for this bill?

F) CPAC (conservative extremist political action committee) holds its annual meeting where?

G) The Republican Senate primary in Pennsylvania can be decided by what kind of votes that Republicans think shouldn’t count?

H) Last weekend there was a mass shooting in Buffalo, NY. Why did the shooter choose Buffalo as his target?

I) How many mass shootings have taken place in the United States so far this year according to CNN? (As of May 18)

J) 50 years ago today, President Richard Nixon was visiting the capital of which nemesis?

K) Due to low spring runoff, power generation will be low on which major Iowa river this spring and summer?

L) Freudian slip? Former President George W. Bush condemned the “brutal invasion of” which country during remarks in Dallas on Wednesday?

M) As Canada installs its 5G network, they have banned the use of equipment from which Chinese supplier?

N) CDC now recommends covid booster shots for what age group?

O) President Biden invoked which law to help improve the manufacturing and distribution of which very low volume consumer product?

P) May 24, 1844. Communication takes a giant leap forward as first what is sent from Washington DC to Baltimore, Md.?

Q) Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman overwhelmingly won the Democratic Senate primary despite suffering the previous weekend?

A) Stock prices fell on Wednesday as which retailer announced a 52% drop in profits for the first quarter of 2022?

S) 192 Republicans voted against emergency funds to deal with what consumer products crisis on Wednesday?

T) Tie! Which US national sports teams will now get a fair share of international prize money thanks to a new collective bargaining agreement?

Imagine being so “pro-life” that you’re willing to vote against infant formula. –Eric Swalwell


A) Barry Loudermilk

B) Finland and Sweden

C) Turkey

D) Asia – especially South Korea and Japan

E) 0 – I guess price gouging is okay with them

F) Budapest, Hungary. Hungarian leader Viktor Orban is an authoritarian role model for the American right.

G) by mail

H) Because Buffalo had the largest black population of cities near it

I) 201 – i.e. in @138 days

J) He visited Brezhnev in Moscow

K) Missouri – electricity production should be 77%

L) Iraq – he quickly realized what he said and changed it to Ukraine


N) children from 5 to 11 years old

O) Defense Production Act

P) the first telegraph message

Q) a stroke – he had a pacemaker installed

R) Target

S) infant formula

T) the women’s national soccer team will now be on an equal footing with the men’s team.

It’s easier to buy a gun in America than to adopt a kitten from a shelter. I’m just saying. – Lorenzo the cat tweets

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