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Gaana’s Playlist Music Gets Personal with New AutoQueue Feature

Image credit: Gaana

Indian streaming service Gaana has launched AutoQueue, a feature that automatically personalizes your playlists, by reading listeners’ thoughts.

Gaana, India’s largest streaming service, has launched a feature called AutoQueue. The new feature uses an algorithm to recommend similar tracks to listeners, personalizing listening habits without the user lifting a finger.

Gaana’s algorithm uses machine learning to predict which song the listener would like to hear next, queuing an infinite mix of tracks.

AutoQueue uses factors such as BPM and past behavior to decide if songs are likely to be heard together. Gaana says the new feature is already generating 30% more streams from users.

Sandeep Lodha, CEO of Gaana, said, “Over the past year and a half, audio streaming has played a major role in people’s lives and consumption is on the rise. Gaana has always been known for understanding the pulse of the Indian listener and with AutoQueue we are now going a step further to personalize each user’s app experience and make listening to great music effortless.

“The feature was born out of Gaana users’ research and technology capabilities and gives an endless personalized background track to the lives our users live front and center. I invite everyone to experience the joy of AutoQueue.

AutoQueue joins features of other streaming services like Spotify and Deezer that use algorithms to help users discover more music. Deezer’s recommendation system also includes Deezer Flow Moods, a mix of tracks that allows users to choose music based on their emotions.