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Glenn Wilcott Blog Announces Black Powder Series

Glenn Wilcott

Glenn Wilcott explores the history of gunpowder

THORNHILLL, ONTARIO, CANADA, Feb. 8, 2022 / — The Glenn Wilcott blog has announced the February 1, 2022 release of the first collection titled Black Powder written by Glenn Wilcott. Glen Wilcott Blog is a company based in Thornhill, Ontario that promotes a variety of topics to the public. His first series, Black Powder, is a cohesive exploration of how modern gunpowder and its rich history have changed the world.

Glenn Wilcott joined the army about 30 years ago, sparking his interest in black powder. This began a lifelong passion of Glenn Wilcott that continues today. This series is about “history, globalization, militarization and gunpowder chemistry that was a joy to write about,” says Glenn Wilcott, founder of the Glen Wilcott blog.

The discovery of black powder is a combination of magic and chemistry that will captivate any reader. Having learned the history of gunpowder, Glenn felt compelled to share his knowledge. This society believes that gunpowder not only shaped the history of early civilization, but also contributed to globalization and the spread of early technologies.

Glenn Wilcott, highlights the different weapons that used gunpowder in early civilizations and how they evolved over time. These articles leave the reader with a general understanding of the evolution of modern weapons. In this series, you can also get an overview of how black powder changed the way modern weapons developed in their use, from personal to wartime.

Just by reading this series, the public will understand the fundamental evolution of gunpowder. Glenn Wilcott is thrilled to share this new product and company with the world, hoping that many people will also feel excited about his lifelong passion.

Glenn Wilcott Blog is proud to present the Black Powder series written and orchestrated by Glenn Wilcott written in 2022. From Thornhill, Ontario, the company Glenn Wilcott Blog aims to continue to inform readers on various topics through well-researched articles. If you would like more information, contact us at Glen Wilcott on the Bolder Ventures website

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