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Goode Weather Blog 9/9

Very nice start to the day as expected and overall it won’t be a bad Friday at all. Just warmer, more and more humid and a gradual increase in clouds.

The heat we will have will be a race for rising clouds, rising dew point and southerly wind. It can make a few degrees difference. Maintained at 88° for now and we can adjust later based on trends.

So far, precipitation coverage through Saturday still appears to be scattered/broken, but cloud cover appears to be extensive. Breaks (if any) will result in fire convection with PWATs around 1.70″. Overall, this is not a washout pattern at all, but the moisture content will be high enough that the action will occasionally show up on radar with a general northerly motion.

Sunday still seems to be the most active with the front pushing into the zone and higher PWATs closer to 2.00″. With a little CAPE, a good chance of thunderstorms that would bring some of these precipitation rates to the fore. Also watch the wind fields as they still do as lows approach but overall speeds are not high. However, these configurations should be monitored on the day.

The low looks closed early next week and further north…so we should clear out fairly quickly. We will have the opportunity to take advantage of the nice weather before returning to a WSW later in the week, which has a good chance of getting closer to 90 degrees next weekend.