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GT7 design competition announced – PlayStation.Blog

To celebrate the launch of Gran Turismo 7, we’ve teamed up with popular fans of the franchise to bring you the GT7 Design Contest. It’s your chance to win an opportunity to race against Bring Me The Horizon, Davido, T-Pain, Unspeakable or Grefg in GT7. And it gets better! Contest winners will have their designed-in-game car livery showcased for two weeks in Gran Turismo 7.

We invite you to develop your design skills by creating a custom livery inspired by one of our featured artists or designers. Enter:

  • Design a livery inspired by one of the artists or designers using the livery editor*
  • Capture a photo of your creation using the Scapes* or Race Photo feature
  • Submit your livery on Instagram and/or Twitter tagging the artist or creator you designed a livery for (Bring Me The Horizon, Davido, T-Pain, Grefg or Unspeakable) and include the hashtag #GT7DesignCompetition

It’s that simple, and you’re in. Each artist or creator will judge their assigned designs and choose a custom in-game livery designer to compete against. Each winning design will also be showcased in Gran Turismo 7 for two weeks.

The competition runs from now until March 23 in select countries around the world. Keep up to date with the contest and check out the announcements this week by following featured artists and creators on social media.

To learn more about the competition and the rules of participation, please read the full terms and conditions.

To learn more about the competition and the rules of participation, please read the full terms and conditions.

Tips for getting started

Wondering where to start or just looking for design inspiration? Here are 5 tips to help you maximize the design potential of your car livery.

Learn basic photography tips with the help of the My First Scapes tutorial, which displays a number of specifically selected locations and guides you through the various camera controls and features.

Choose from thousands of Scapes locations around the world to find the perfect setting. Available Scapes include Yosemite National Park in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Dunlop Corner near the iconic Fuji International Speedway in Shizuoka, Japan.

Customize your vehicle by adding a sticker on your car’s glass and helmet visor using this new feature of livery editor for GT7.

Use the Livery Editor’s Duplicate/Flip tools to efficiently apply your decal to both sides of the car based on your preferences, useful if you’re looking to save time and the hassle of manual design on the other side.

Make your mark using the Decal Uploader feature, where you can upload your own logo and use it in-game**. For more information, see the Gran Turismo Download Manual.

*Internet connection and game progress required to access Livery Editor and Scapes feature.
** The decal file must be in SVG format and must not exceed 15 KB.