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GUEST BLOG: Pat O’Dea – Russia must stop the war

“Pat O’Dea claims,,, as his post suggests,,,, that Martin Luther King wouldn’t consider this violence”
In my post, “Russia must stop the war” I suggested that if Martin Luther King were alive today he would be against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

I Pat O’Dea – I didn’t claim,,, and my post doesn’t suggest,,, that I think MLK wouldn’t consider this violence.

Reasonthe brutal image in the link above, which you provided, with the veiled accusation that I “wouldn’t consider it violence”, is a photo of a child starving to death as a result of the U.S. proxy state of Saudi Arabia. war against the people of Yemen.

It’s most definitely violence, and I haven’t suggested that it isn’t. This is a gross insult on your part, to justify your support for Russia’s bloody invasion of Ukraine.

Your motive for slandering me in this way is to imply that I am only against Russia’s wars and atrocities, not America’s wars and atrocities.

You provided an image. me too. I would like you to look at the image contained in the following link.

It’s a photo, similar to yours, of people starving to death as a result of the actions of an imperial power.

Not Russian imperialism or American imperialism, but British imperialism, from a time when Britain, not the United States, was the world’s leading superpower. This is of course a photo of the infamous Bengal Famine.

What is remarkable about this photo is that it was widely circulated by German Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels to the German people, to show them the evils of British imperialism. This image, is similar to many other images and newsreels and stories of the time, disseminated in Germany by the Nazis. The purpose of the Nazis was to warn the German people of the danger of the imperialist powers of Great Britain, France and the United States to world peace. Hitler even had election posters made proclaiming that he, Hitler was the “candidate for peace”, presenting himself as a staunch opponent of predatory Western (especially British) imperialism. Everything Goebbels and the Nazis said about British imperialism was true. The British Empire is responsible for the deaths of over 40 million people during the British Empire’s conquest, subjugation and colonization of much of the world.

Goebbels and Hitler kept the promise that the new Nazi empire they envisioned would be progressive, modern, enlightened and even humane. We all know what happened.

Your mistaken reason is that you let your blind hatred of US imperialism cloud your judgment. Your blind hatred is exactly that, “blind”. You are blind to the fact that any imperialist power is murderous, racist, genocidal. This includes the Russian Federation under Putin’s autocratic rule and his fantasy of reclaiming Russia’s lost empire.

My message to you Reason is that US imperialism is not the only evil in the world.

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Pat O’Dea is a trade unionist and human rights activist.