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Heckler & Koch and A-TEC enter into cooperation – The Firearms Blog

Heckler & Koch HK433 and A-Tec suppressor (Photo: Heckler & Koch)

According to a communication from Heckler & Koch Germany, the company has entered a “extensive cooperation in development and sales” in collaboration with Norwegian suppressor specialist A-TEC. Heckler & Koch may not need another introduction on TFB, but for those unfamiliar with A-TEC, they are a Norwegian manufacturer of suppressors for hunters, sport shooters as well as law enforcement and military customers.

Heckler & Koch @TFB:

Heckler & Koch firearms with A-TEC suppressors. (Private photo)

One of the reasons that many companies manufacture suppressors in the Nordic region may be that the region is very liberal in terms of legislation in Norway and Finland. In July 2022, Sweden will make sound suppressors license-free.

Here is the Heckler & Koch press release in full:

“A-TEC is a very innovative manufacturer of silencers for short and long guns, which has the same quality standards as Heckler & Koch and at the same time serves an identical target group. H&K and A-TEC have been working together on some projects for some time now and have decided to take their relationship to the next level with this agreement,” says Anders E. Johan-sen, COB and Founder of A-TEC.

“Thanks to this cooperation, we are able to provide police and military with a system that optimally meets their needs. We look forward to working with the largest handgun manufacturer in the EU and NATO and are confident that we can add visible value to our customers,” confirms Hallvard Winterseth, CEO of A-TEC .

Dr. Jens Bodo Koch, CEO of Heckler & Koch GmbH, explains: “We are very pleased to have found in A-TEC a cooperation partner who not only meets the high quality standard demanded by Heckler & Koch, but also lives for its products. . In addition, there is promising synergy potential. Heckler & Koch is a supplier of small arms systems for security agencies and armed forces in the EU, NATO and NATO-equivalent countries. Through cooperation with A-TEC, we are strengthening our product portfolio for the benefit of our customers.

Marco Geißinger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Heckler & Koch GmbH, points out that “joint developments and a common qualification process of both companies ensure that our customers can rely on highly reliable weapon silencer systems”.

Heckler & Koch website:

A-Tec Norway can be found here:

TFB has a few A-TEC suppressors under review, and the initial experience is very positive. Stay tuned for more.

Source: Heckler & Koch press release