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IKEA unveils OBEGRÄNSAD collection in collaboration with Swedish House Mafia

Image credit: IKEA

IKEA & Swedish House Mafia present their collaborative project: the OBEGRÄNSAD collection. The collection is a range of 20 studio furniture products focused on musicians for listening, playing and making music.

During the IKEA Festival that took place during Milan Design Week 2022, IKEA unveiled three products from the upcoming OBEGRÄNSAD collection. These include a desk for music production, an armchair for comfortable seating, and a sturdy record player for playing music, all launching in fall 2022.

IKEA and the Swedish mafia: the OBEGRÄNSAD collection

OBEGRÄNSAD“is Swedish for”unlimited”. IKEA states that “the name alludes to the collection’s target group: those with a limited budget, but unlimited creativity”. Revealed for the first time at the IKEA Festival, IKEA and the Swedish House Mafia aim to “democratize music production at home and allow as many people as possible to unleash their passions and creativity”.

During Milan Design Week 2022, the three products unveiled included a desk for music production, an armchair and a record player. Whether you’re producing electronic music or composing with real instruments, whether you’re a DJ or have a live performance setup with MIDI controllers, the OBEGRÄNSAD collection “offers solutions” for your home setup. Moreover, it offers solutions to simply relax and listen to music too.

The design supports creation, play, fun, and even just creating mood.

Swedish house mafia


The OBEGRÄNSAD music stand is a “central solution” for music creators. Depending on the looks and complements announced, the office must be at the heart of the collection.

Image credit: IKEA

Seemingly aimed specifically at bedroom growers due to its overall size, the desk features two shelves for your studio monitors that bring your speakers up to ear level. Under the desk, a sliding shelf allows a MIDI keyboard to stay out of the way. Or you can use this pull-out drawer for your computer mouse and keyboard to keep desk space clear for instruments.

The OBEGRÄNSAD armchair

"The OBEGRÄNSAD armchair represents the perfect balance between form and function" IKEA condition.  Well, with its minimalistic design, it will definitely fit in damp room studios.
Image credit: IKEA

“OBEGRÄNSAD armchair represents the perfect balance of form and function,” says IKEA. Well, with its minimalistic design, it will definitely fit in damp room studios. In addition, it has adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the position and comfort to your liking.

The OBEGRÄNSAD record player

But what no one saw coming was the announcement of the OBEGRÄNSAD record player. Designed with the nostalgia of the “vinyl record listening experience” in mind, I imagine the upward trend in vinyl purchases in the past had a big influence on the collaboration.

The OBEGRÄNSAD record player is compatible with the IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth speaker.
Image credit: IKEA

Despite its minimalist yet bold look, I think you’ll notice it in any room – and that’s not a criticism. However, this is not a normal vinyl player from the distant past. The OBEGRÄNSAD record player is compatible with the IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth speaker!


The IKEA festival preview may have only focused on three key product reveals, the entire collection will launch globally in fall 2022. In total, the collection will include more than 20 home furnishings that “will make living spaces better suited to the needs of music.” creators”.

No pricing is available yet, but if this studio furniture is for home studio music creation, affordability is key.

Learn more about the IKEA x SHM OBEGRÄNSAD collection via IKEA’s Instagram post.