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Incompletements: Texans vs. Chargers (A Bolt from the Blue)


I have evolved into a higher form of consciousness. You’ll never hear me say, Mondays are just better after a Houston Texans win, or I can’t wait for half of Papa John’s pizza, or feel an electric shock when a three-game winning soccer team wears away. the total to number four. I’m no longer a primitive, someone who’s tied in with what’s going on on the fucking TV, or the limitations of my body, or tossed around in other men’s tunes of fortune. No. I grew up outside of these constraints and became something grander than that.

I just love the game. I love the way it looks. I love the sound of the pads hitting the pads, the shock of tendons and bones from another world that took genetic outliers and a life to create. I like the shells of a blanket. The grass between two high safeguards is just begging to be split. The areas between the linebacker and the cornerback for the obliques to cross. There’s something so special about a narrow lane, how something guarded by walls a second later turned into something that seemed impossible a moment ago. I like the contrast of colors when the uniforms are well chosen. I love the craziness that every coach goes through as they chew gum, hold the call sheet against them and stare at the wilderness their job is to make sense of. I just like the game.

Yesterday, as these were sitting at their house, as I sat at home, hopped off the couch and slapped five knocks and cuddled, I just enjoyed the experience of watching it, not the result. New names and new faces that no one has heard of before. Justin Jackson shrinks the outside area. CBS is trying to make something of the business of the Quessenberry brothers. Jonathan Owens cut some deep action after the game in the back cover. Justin Herbert trying to kick football through people, impaling those he loves. Davis Mills finally got the chance to run deep across the sideline and split the hooks against cover four. The Chargers Nickolodeon uniforms that made me think about how I felt knowing my mom would be home soon once the Rugrats arrived. The aesthetic itself provided more utility than the end result.

These feelings and thoughts will eventually change. Someday the Texans will be a great football team again and play in a style that gives them the chance to be something more than the founder of the Divisional Round. Sometimes, one way or another, they will overcome this hurdle that they never could. When these stars align, when this thing becomes divine, then, and only then, will I go back to the cave, scream and scream, break flesh with bones, roll in blood, and dance and dance and dance again with it. the primitives. Until then, I just love the way it all looks and feels.



As long as the Texans can play teams without most of their starters, especially the key players, they stand a chance of winning! It’s true! In many ways, this game was like the one against BE-SF a few weeks ago.

Of course, we’ve had guys this week too. The problem for the Texans is, while our 1-25 might be the worst and oldest roster in the NFL, our 43-53 is pretty crisp. So down to Joey Bosa? Derwin James? Most of your defensive starters? Davis Mills is going to tear you up a new one, and the farthest backend on our list is better than yours.

The problem, of course, is the context. 2021 isn’t your normal NFL season, and 2022 probably isn’t going to be normal, either.

If you want to use the game today and think Mills is the long term solution at QB, this is your choice. I’m going to take a note, fold it, and put it right next to the note from a few years ago where you also said Brock Osweiler will be the face of the franchise for a decade.



Incredible. Just when you think this team is ready to shut the books and shut it down for the season, they are stepping up to put together the most succinct, efficient game we’ve seen in two seasons. Incredible. The Texans offensive line has managed to intimidate the Chargers’ defensive line without Joey Bosa like no other. They really reestablished the line of scrimmage a yard or two back. There was a lot of talk ahead of the game that the Chargers moved Kenneth Murray Jr. to the defensive end in place of Joey Bosa. Turns out that decision was a critical mistake as the Texans were able to attack him and his team throughout the game. Charlie Heck had a fantastic game. Something I never thought I would say. Geron Christian had a fantastic game on the right tackle. Then the Jimmy Morrisey-Cole Toner combination at center and left guard throughout the game was impressive. The Chargers just couldn’t stop the Texans when they were running down the left side. They broke three runs over 15 yards through the left guard point, one being for 38 and another being a TD for 25.

Hats off to Rex Burkhead, the Plano Texas native who put on an absolute show today. He moved forward the entire game and was just a bear to be cut down. From four incumbents to four incumbents, Burkhead potentially bought himself another season in Houston. Incredible.

Next, we must all recognize the growth and development of Davis Mills. Five weeks ago, that wouldn’t have been possible. He made shots in midfield today that he wouldn’t have dared to do weeks ago. The Chargers refused to put pressure on him, which is a classic play call and strategy for an immobile rookie quarterback. It’s poor training and development on the Chargers side and they will hear about it from their fans. Or at least they really should.

Nico Collins and Brevin Jordan will be good players down the line. I am delighted to see their growth. The two have marched past veterans this season. Collins has a ton more to grow in his fairway tree, but you can’t deny that his hands are strong and he knows how to point the ball. I wouldn’t be surprised if either were on the AFC rookie squad this year.

Overall what a great game and performance. We finally got to see some fun and emphatic football. And to think that I refused to go to this match.



I asked the Chargers to put 29 on the scoreboard. They did it. I called a lousy match, and in some ways it was. 15 combined penalties will disrupt the course of the match. Still, everything else, I was far away… I don’t mind in this case. The Texans played their best game of the season by far, beating LA (that’ll never sound good).

The best way to look at this game was that the Texans were in a preseason frame of mind. With all the attrition from COVID restrictions, this has led to so many new and unknown names. For a lot of these guys, maybe this was their only shot to make a good impression, so they played with desperate passion. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the Texans found an honest running game with Easterby. Burkhead must have thought he was back in Nebraska with the way he raced today. Mills is playing like a guy who might just open the 2022 season as a starter. Quite a change from the start of the year. Plus, the Texans have been playing pretty well in the preseason, so why not go bankrupt… there’s nothing at stake but pride, so you just have to get the ball out… which they did.

Still, for everything the Texans have done, and they should be proud of this game, the Chargers have a LOT to answer in Monday’s meetings. A team like LAC, which in its last game was so close to taking control of AFC West and in play for the # 1 seed, shouldn’t lose a game like this, especially so badly. Yes, they lacked many key weapons, but so did the Texans. Arguably, the Texans have suffered more key losses and they’re not as good. KC beat them again. Also, LAC may have missed the part where Mills doesn’t handle the pressure well. The offensive line was blocking decently, but the Chargers didn’t make a real effort to blitz, even on obvious passes. Mills was playing well and the running game was dominant, but despite everything, BAC didn’t try as hard to disrupt Mills as they should have.

Props to Culley and his staff, who had prepared this team for a fight. I don’t know if this can continue in the last two games, but good for them. As for the draft position, the team is practically out of the game for the # 1, but a high draft pick is still on the line. If the team can be entertaining like that, win or lose the rest of the season. season, there may still be hope for this franchise.



Good. it was an unexpected Christmas present for sure. Thanks to the fans who went there for getting this gift of a seemingly solid victory – it was probably a lot of fun to watch in person for the handful of people in attendance.

However, there were a lot of very meaningful games in a meaningless game in a lost season.

Apparently, no one gave Rex Burkhead the memo the tank was on because this man had the best racing game Houston has seen in years. If he can replicate that against an NFL front seven full of real starters, there may still be hope for that offense. And, looking at what that running offense did for Davis Mills and the passing game also brings a silver lining.

Let us not forget Nico Collins, the real “chosen” of the 2021 draft also had his 1st touchdown in the NFL.

While intellectually we know that this win was actually a loss, as it took Houston away from the No.1 pick in the 2022 draft, let’s not rain on this parade right now and instead enjoy the fact that our boys have dropped a 40 burger on another NFL team for Christmas.

And, to all, good night!