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INSIDER BLOG: Ice Potential Saturday

SATURDAY MORNING UPDATE: A winter weather advisory has been extended to all of Mid-Missouri. Warming may be delayed by cloud cover today, keeping more areas below freezing until early afternoon.


The southerly flow will bring us a warm-up for the weekend, but it will also bring an increase in humidity on Saturday.

This will cause the risk of drizzle and showers by mid-morning. If we start to see precipitation during the morning hours, it will encounter below freezing temperatures on the surface.

Surface temperatures will increase with all the southerly flow, so the frost window may be small. As more of the mid-MO finally passes 32 degrees, the precipitation will turn to rain in the afternoon.


The impacts in Mid-Missouri are expected to be minor. Typically, a light glaze of about 0.01 “is expected. Higher amounts are expected eastward, north of St. Louis, where people might see more than 0.1” of buildup. ice.


Issuing a one-day weather alert is not something we take lightly. As freezing rain conditions come together, ice build-up is still not a certainty. A mixture of factors will oppose the formation of ice, including a short window of favorable temperatures, low amounts of precipitation and a strong breeze.

This can be a borderline event, where not everyone will see ice buildups. Especially in the wake of the ice buildup last Saturday, it’s important to note that we expect less of an impact. Still, it’s important to pay attention to the forecast and give yourself plenty of time to travel tomorrow, just in case things change.