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IU Football at Cincinnati – Live Blog & Chat (Cincinnati 45 Indiana 24 – FINAL) – The Daily Hoosier

The Daily Hoosier is live at Nippert Stadium in Cincinnati for Indiana (3-0) against Cincinnati (2-1)

Join us for live updates throughout the day and participate in the discussion thread below.

The match will be televised on ESPN2 and will begin at approximately 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Refresh the page for pre-, during- and post-game updates and stay tuned for post-game coverage.




FINAL – Cincinnati 45, Indiana 24. The Hoosiers fall to 3-1 this season.

TOUCH CINCINNATI: The Bearcats capitalize on a short field and put the game away. 3 plays, 2 yards. 45-24 UA, 1:20 remaining.

Cincinnati with the ball less than five minutes remaining, still leading 38-24. Indiana uses its timeouts.

IU met the punter who gave UC another round of downs, but IU stopped the Bearcats in 4th place at IU 38, where the Hoosiers will take over with 6:46 to go. Always 38-24 UA.

1st and 10 UC, single ball 47. 10:31 remaining in the game.

The Indiana defense forces another punt, but IU will start their next drive at their own 10. 11:21 remaining. 38-24 UC leads.

ATTACKING INDIANA: Shaun Shivers goes 47 yards for a touchdown. UC 38, IU 24, 14:01 left. 3 plays, 58 yards.

The quarter starts with Cincinnati having the ball at its own 8, 2nd and 7.


Indiana beat Cincinnati 103-32 in the third quarter, but they only reduced 7 of the huge 28-point halftime deficit.

Indiana goes there for the 4th and the goal and comes back empty. Cincinnati ball to its own 5,: 58 second left in the third, Bearcats 38-17.

Still 38-17 with 2:39 to go. Indiana driving, 1st at UC 28. The IU defense has delivered three straight 3-and-outs.

Indiana’s defense has responded so far, with a takeout and then two straight three-and-outs. 7:42 left in the third, IU ball to their own 25. 1st down.

ATTACKING INDIANA: Bazelak to Shivers for 2 yards. 38-17 UC, 10:23 to go in the third. 11 plays, 51 yards.

INTERCEPTION by INDIANA: Tiawan Mullen with the pick on Cincinnati’s opening drive. 1st and 10 Hoosiers at 49


Cincinnati leads 38-10 at halftime. Here are the stats at the break:




TOUCH CINCINNATI: Strip sack, scoop and a 14 yard score for the Bearcats. 38-10 UC, : 22 seconds left in the half.

TOUCH CINCINNATI: Bryant to Scott. 7 plays, 80 yards. 31-10 UC, : 32 left.

TOUCH CINCINNATI: Another big pass play, Bryant to Scott for 34 yards. The Bearcats play 7 plays, 75 yards. 24-10 UC, 4:33 left.

ATTACKING INDIANA: Bazelak to Henderson for a 19-yard TD pass. 4 plays, 39 yards. 17-10, UC, 8:06 left.

Indiana with the ball 1st down at UC 39. Critical drive ahead with 9:11 left in the quarter. Drive set up by a sack by Lance Bryant and a 3-and-out by the Bearcats.

TOUCH CINCINNATI: The Bearcats play 6 plays, 64 yards. 17-3 UC, 12:36 to go in the half. The score was created by another big mistake in the defensive backfield as Tre Tucker went behind safeties for a 45-yard pass play.


Indiana finishes the quarter on a 3-play, -20-yard drive and will punt from their five to open the second.

TOUCH CINCINNATI: The Bearcats are rushing for 75 yards in one play. A coverage error in the defensive field set up Ben Bryant’s bomb to Tyler Scott. 1 hour remaining.

INDIANA GROUND GOAL: The Hoosiers play 16 plays and 66 yards to set up a 27-yard field goal from Charles Campbell. It’s 3-3 with 1:15 to play.

CINCINNATI GROUND GOAL: Indiana stops the Bearcats inside the 10 and forces a 24-yard field goal. It’s 3-0 UC with 8:00 to go.

INTERCEPTION by CINCINNATI: Knockdown by Connor Bazelak in double coverage gives UC the ball at IU six. First and goal.

Similar first training for UC, they run 29 yards and pin IU at their own 10. 0-0, 8:38 to go.

Indiana picks up 33 yards on its first drive and is able to pin Cincinnati inside its 10 after punting.

Cincinnati won the toss and carried over to the second half.


The Daily Hoosier’s Patrick Felts is on the court for the pregame.

Indiana wears all white uniforms today.


Some injury notes as the players take to the pitch:

  • Center Zach Carpenter is out of uniform as Indiana takes the field for warm-ups. Center of third string Caleb Murphy takes the representatives of the first team during warm-ups.
  • tight end james bomba is also not in uniform. He was injured in the Western Kentucky game.
  • Security Jonathan Haynes is back in uniform after missing the last two games.
  • defensive end JamesHead, Jr.. made his return from injury last week and he’s back in the pads.

To note: Because Indiana is on the road, they have a limited travel squad and so most injured players stayed home.

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