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“I’ve seen the body transition” –

“I saw the body transition”

July 9, 2022

Joe Tryon-Shoyinka with one of his four sacks this season.

Joe loves to hear a Buccaneers legend put a lot of effort into the coaching staff when it comes to getting the best out of a player.

That’s what the legendary Derrick Brooks did on WDAE radio this week.

While outside linebacker Anthony Nelson was knocked out with five sacks last season in limited time, it’s second-year man Joe Tryon-Shoyinka who the Bucs need to stand out and keep Nelson looking for snaps. .

It’s what you’d expect from a first-round pick with huge potential.

Brooks says he really liked what he saw during Tryon-Shoyinka’s rookie season, but it was limited.

“Sometimes you could tell that when he was comfortable with what they were asking him to do, he was successful,” Brooks said.

Joe will read between the lines and conclude that Brooks thinks the Bucs need to improve when it comes to using Tryon-Shoyinka, whose athleticism Brooks appreciates. Number 55 said the challenge is clear to the Bucs coaches now that they know their player well.

As for Tryon-Shoyinka, Brooks said he’s met him in person a few times this offseason and liked how the 2021 rookie’s body added weight and strength.

“I saw the body transition,” Brooks said.

Joe also noted in Spring that Tryon-Shoyinka looked bloated and more of a physical presence.

Like most second-year players, Tryon-Shoyinka has a lot to prove. And Joe has no reason to believe he shouldn’t take at least a half step forward in his game.