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Jahan Dotson stretches the field –

Jahan Dotson extends the pitch

April 18, 2022

Penn State WR Jahan Dotson.

Want to keep Tom Brady happy? Maybe help sweeten the pot to make him want to stay in Florida but away from Stephen Ross? Add the necessary top speed to the attack?

Then Joe has the man for you: Penn State wide receiver Jahan Dotson.

Joe heard former NFL suit Michael Lombardi call Dotson a “game changer.” Lombardi noted that even though Dotson had rotten quarterbacks at Penn State, he was always open, always got the ball, and always put fear of God into defenses.

And what Joe likes about Dotson? The teams knew he was Penn State’s only real weapon and they still haven’t stopped him. Now, if you want to argue, “Well, that’s the Big Ten for you,” Joe won’t argue. Still, for Joe, when teams focus on stopping a player and he still makes plays, it’s a sign of dominance.

Joe noticed in Sports Illustrated last week, Conor Orr noted that when the Bucs have a legitimate third receiver, their offense is unstoppable. Dotson could be that receiver until Chris Godwin is healthy and Dotson could be a terrific fourth wide when passing.

With a run on receivers, there’s a chance Dotson will still be around when the Bucs pick 27th overall. Let’s just say you won’t see Joe cry if the Bucs pick him a week from Thursday night.