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Joe’s Wednesday Morning Cup –

Joe’s Morning Cup Wednesday

November 9, 2022

Welcome to your Morning Cup of Joe, an eye-opener to help Joe readers adjust to their busy work day with some football links, goofy news and a pleasant distraction.

Entertainment of the day

Dan Orlovsky could join Jeff on Saturday in Indianapolis. [PFT]

The Chiefs-Chargers sagged on Sunday night. [CBS]

Jim Irsay doesn’t care about public perception. [FOX Sports]

Draft decree updated for 2023. [NFL]

Amazon NFL game ratings are dropping fast. Who is surprised? First, you’re making games hard to watch by sending them to a streaming service, which sports fans generally don’t like. And then the games are mostly horrible. For example, Joe found the State-Coastal Carolina App game much more entertaining than Lovie Smith’s Ugly Texans. A few weeks ago, Baylor and West Virginia were in a shootout to the wire as the Commandos and Bears played 1930s football. And Joe didn’t have to eff with Amazon to watch either college game. Fuh-getta-bout-it! Advantage: college football. [Awful Announcing]

Josh Heupel is Bobby Hill grown up. [Twitter]

World Series WAGs. Yeah, we tell Joe it’s over. But stay… [TMZ]

A payroll specialist would have lifted employee paychecks. Isn’t it special? [WFLA]

On second thought… [TikTok]