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Koo emerges as the biggest Hindi micro-blog in this Hindi Diwas

On Hindi Diwas, the local social media platform – Koo – has become the largest Hindi micro blog. Hindi is the most popular language on Koo, an inclusive platform that allows users to express themselves freely in 10 Indian languages. Hindi has witnessed a more than three-fold increase in adoption since last quarter, with more than 10 million expressions in the language every month, witnessing 3x growth in the Hindi community.

Koo has Hindi speakers from 75 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Nepal, Iran and India, which s engage and interact with each other in their native language on the platform, create hyper-local content, and also celebrate festivals and events unique to their community. Hindi speakers include people from all walks of life, as well as eminent personalities who express themselves through poetry, literature, art and culture, sports, film, and spirituality; among hundreds of other topics.

Mayank Bidawatka, co-founder, Koo, said, “Hindi Diwas celebrates the richness and heritage of Hindi. Hindi is spoken by more than 600 million users, making it one of the most important languages ​​not only in India but also in the world. As a platform that encourages online expression in native languages, we are proud to be the #1 Hindi microblogging platform. Our unique and innovative multilingual publishing feature further breaks down language barriers by allowing users to seamlessly reach a wider audience. We are thrilled and honored to be an integral part of people’s digital lives. »

Since its creation in March 2020, Koo has received a lot of love and appreciation from social media users, which is reflected in its downloads. After registering 10 million downloads in August 2021, the platform recently registered 45 million downloads, reflecting a year of hyper growth.

Bidawatka added, “Koo aspires to be used by a large population of Indian internet users and reach 100 million downloads in the future. We will continue to develop technologies that will enable native speakers anywhere in the world. Like India, around 80% of the world speaks a native language. As an Indian platform, Koo understands the nuances and ethos of multilingual societies, and our technology can make India proud globally. »