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Kyle Trask Trade –

Trade Kyle Trask

March 26, 2022

Joe is going to annoy a lot of Bucs fans here. It’s not intentional, but when a team says it’s all to win now, then Joe has to buy in and explore responsibility for that statement.

Joe attended the NFL Scouting Combine this month and the implication from the Buccaneers’ powerhouse hitters was that second-year quarterback Kyle Trask — a second-round pick last season — would be the No. 1 quarterback in the 2022 NFL Draft.

In other words, Trask would be in high demand right now if he was available; teams would look to catch him and seek progress to get him closer to the top 10 picks.

So Joe has to put it there. If that’s accurate, then Trask could probably pick up a good second-round pick or first-rounder right now. He would come to his new team with three years remaining on a very cheap contract after a year of development under Tom Brady, Byron Leftwich, Tom Moore, Clyde Christensen and the quarterback himself, Bucco Bruce Arians.

If Trask’s increased value is indeed a reality and the Bucs are truly poised to win in 2022, then Joe would trade Trask in a heartbeat.

Hypothetically, let’s say there’s no taker in the first round, but Seattle is willing to spit out their No. 40 overall pick for Trask (high second round). That would give the Bucs, already with the No. 27 overall pick, fantastic ammunition to advance to the first round or return to the first round for an additional first-round pick next month.

Joe finds it hard to believe it isn’t worth considering with Tom Brady back on the roster, the Arians in love with Blaine Gabbert, and no one knowing how many years Brady will be around.

Nothing typed here is a referendum on Trask. No one knows his ability in NFL game action. But then again, if the Bucs are all-in for 2022 and Trask’s market value is inflated to the point where the Bucs could get a true premium draft pick, Joe thinks that needs to be heavily considered.