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LACMA-Blog | Rx Partner Tuesday: Get Better Student Loan Deals wi

Today, the Juno community has over 100,000 students and professionals, and offers live rewards for new members. By join for free, you will be able to access student loan refinance offers, as well as new student loans. Read on for more frequently asked questions.

Can I refinance only private loans and leave my federal intact?

Yes! You can pick and choose which loans to refinance.

How are the rates? It says “from 3.24% fixed” – will it be this low for much longer?

They go up, and fast. For reference, mortgage rates have just skyrocketed, and usually the student loan market follows soon after. If you were waiting for something, stop waiting and go get quotes. It’s free and it takes ten minutes.

What is the benefit of using Juno?

Healthcare professionals using Juno receive a 0.25% interest rate reduction on their loan offer.

What are the chances of loan cancellation?

People mean one of two things by this question: cancellation of all debts (via PSLF), or the discussions of the Biden administration. The first depends on whether you meet the criteria (do you work for a non-profit organization, etc.). The second depends on politics and the market. We’ve been closely tracking Biden’s $10,000 loan forgiveness odds and have updates here.

Can I set up a date to talk with a real human for free?

Yes! You can grab a slot here.