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Lego Masters Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: Mini Golf Challenge [LIVE BLOG]

This week, competitors compete in a mini golf challenge. Each team must turn a putting green into a playable mini-golf hole, complete with obstacles that propel the ball and the story into the build. Host Arnett show the judges which team created the best golf hole in the all-new “Mini Golf Masters” episode of “Lego mastersairs Wednesday, Nov. 16 (9:02-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on FOX.

In Season 3, Emmy nominee Will Arnett returns, guiding LEGO enthusiasts through a brick-blasting Season 3. With endless possibilities and an unlimited supply of LEGO bricks, teams of two compete in new brick-building challenges for a $100,000 cash prize, the ultimate LEGO trophy and the grand title of Lego Masters. brick masters Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard come back as judges.

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Below, follow our recap of Season 3, Episode 8 of “Lego Masters.”

9:02 p.m. — Previously on “Lego Masters”! On Episode 7, teams bring an imaginative and dynamic twist to a summer camp theme by using power functions in their builds. More twists were introduced to the challenge when 90,000 LEGO bricks and the coveted Golden Brick were put into play. Ethan & Dom won for the contest and chose a fight Brendan and Greg to receive the mystery box second prize. They had hoped that if Brendan and Greg won the Gold Brick, they would be eliminated soon after, taking the Gold Brick with them. However, the plan backfired. Brendan and Greg received the gold brick, but Amy and Jamie decided not to eliminate either team. How will things go this week?

9:10 p.m. – Will pulls up in a golf cart to let the teams know they’re going to build him his own mini-golf course. Seven empty putting greens are ready to be transformed into mini-golf. This must include movement – ​​when Will hits a ball into the hazard, whatever they build must propel him from one side of the green to the other. They will be judged on how fun it is to play their hole and how well it is constructed. Teams have nine hours to complete their mini-golf green.

9:25 p.m. – With four hours left in the challenge, Will announces that a Lego Mini Golf Masters jacket is up for grabs. There are so many exciting prizes this year! As the judges inspect the room, they are delighted to austin and justin‘s build, but seem concerned about Nick and Staceywho could risk landing in the bottom two for the second week in a row.

9:35 p.m. — Time is up and Will is ready to play a round of golf. Before that happens, Brendan and Greg announce that they won’t be using their gold brick tonight. The first are Dave and Emily with “The Gnome’s Wheelhouse”. Will gets a par 2 and the judges love the weighbridge. Jamie compliments the build on their curve. Come next Emily and Liam with “Squirreling Around”. Will hits a double bogey in five shots. Amy compliments how “fun” the hole is, but she wishes their characters weren’t hidden. Jamie says they grew up in this challenge. The third set is “Under Construction” by Brendan & Greg. Will hits a double bogey again. Jamie loves their S-curve. Amy thought it was a little too built up, but still fun.

9:52 p.m. – Ethan and Dom are up next with their holeshot, “Jungle Temple Adventure.” Unfortunately, their treadmill fails to pick up the ball a few times, but eventually works. Their next function failed when a gem fell from the structure. Will ends up with a bogey and Amy compliments the adventure of building them. Jamie says the finish was disappointing. The next are Stephen and Stephen with “Classic Castle”. Will hits a birdie and Amy loves the nostalgia of the classic castle theme. Well done! Austin and Justin are up next with “Piece of Cake.” There are multiple power functions and it is beautifully built. As Will hits the ball into the hole, a Lego cake bearing his name is revealed. Compliments all around. The latest are Nick & Stacey with “Game of Cat and Mouse”. After a brief scare the construction was damaged as it was moved to the green, it worked perfectly. Amy loved the storytelling and was impressed with their use of mechanics.

9:57 p.m. — The two best teams are Dave & Emily and Austin & Justin. But the winners of the sweet Lego Mini Golf Masters jacket are Austin and Justin!

10:00 p.m. — The last two teams are Nick & Stacey and Ethan & Dom. Nick & Stacey’s build lacked polish, and Ethan & Dom’s power features let the judges down. The team going home tonight is Ethan & Dom. Builders were eliminated just one week after winning a challenge. They hope to represent the younger generation well and say they will miss everyone they met on the show.

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