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Lindsay Tighe featured in Bob Tiede’s Development Blog on Leadership Qualities

Empowered Conversations, based in Beechworth, Victoria, is proud to share that its founder was recently featured on Bob Tiede’s leadership development blog, Leading With Questions, with an excerpt from her brand new book.

On his website, Tiede shares his passion for helping people in leadership positions around the world. He sees his mission as helping to change their paradigm from the pressure of having all the right answers to just having some of the right questions. He has been on staff at Cru for 50 years and currently serves on the US Leadership Development Team.

In Leading with Questions, those who aspire to become better leaders can find curated wisdom from leaders around the world, ideas to help multiply their effectiveness, leadership book recommendations, interviews with thought leaders , authors, pastors and more. Tiede is focused on building a community of leaders who are no longer focused on having all the answers but on asking the right questions. Empowered Conversations founder Lindsay Tighe’s leadership expertise and years of experience as an inspirational coach earned her the featured spot on Leading With Questions.

Tighe has established herself as a successful and highly regarded speaker, businesswoman, author and coach who is passionate about inspiring people to improve their own lives and the lives of others. She is committed to changing the world by helping people have more empowered thoughts and conversations with each other to tap into their own wisdom by asking better questions.

After leaving the corporate world in 2002, Tighe started her own business in inspirational coaching. Initially, the company’s goal was to provide inspiring training and coaching opportunities. Starting out with around 10 employees, Lindsay grew her business to a point where she realized she had more to offer. She created the Better Questions brand and published her first book, “The Answer – Improve Your Life By Asking Better Questions”, in 2009. This led her to create a new workshop and multiple resources and since then her work has been shared with thousands of people. people across Australia as well as New Zealand and Singapore. In 2021, Lindsay evolved her brand to share her work with global audiences, and Empowered Conversations was born. Here, Lindsay solidifies her life’s work by providing workshops and resources that provide a powerful and unique opportunity for people to learn to think and act differently.

In her latest book “Better Leaders Ask Better Questions,” Lindsay explains how anyone can be a better leader simply by following the right line of research. She advances the idea that leaders can evolve to become “enhancers” (a catalyst that brings out the best in others) simply by changing their approach. According to Lindsay, leaders who command less and ask appropriate and fulfilling questions can create a more engaged and empowered team.

In the book, leaders and future leaders will find the key to improving their leadership style by learning what actions can be a potential inhibitor, how leaders need to redefine their role by changing their mindset, why better questions are so powerful and perhaps most importantly, how to ask better questions and unleash their team’s potential.

Tighe says: “I have always believed that excellent communication skills are fundamental not only to building good relationships, but also to enabling others to be more capable, more autonomous, more engaged and more motivated, which allows to get better results. I have led my life by this example, and have found it to be the most effective way to lead a team well. Most people communicate in habitual, inhibitory ways, never realizing that’s what they’re doing, and they lose so much in the process. I hope to help people change that mindset and become better leaders through better questions. »

Tighe has taught business leaders, healthcare professionals, elderly/disabled professionals, educators, parents and more, and his clients include APM, Telstra, local government, Feros Care, major hospitals, NDS, APNA, Diabetes TAS, Carers Victoria, Uniting Care, Schools, Baptcare, Mission Australia, Silverchain, Regional Primary Health Networks, MINDA, Community Vision, OT AUS and more. Those who want to learn more about his work should visit his website


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