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Live Doppler 13 Weather Blog: Pleasant, dry and warm weekend

Unusually dry air for the season keeps our weather pleasant this weekend with a swing of nearly 30° and more from lows to highs each day.

The weather currently in central Indiana for early June could be called perfect. Hard to argue against dew points in the 40s (comfortably dry air), seasonal warm highs in the 80s, mostly clear skies, and a cooling afternoon breeze.

This dry air and clear skies lead to quite large daytime temperature swings, from lows in the 50s to highs in the 80s.

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Saturday will be almost a carbon copy of today with a quick warm up in the 80s in the early afternoon, but again with dew points in the 40s making the air very pleasant. The sweltering meter remains below the discomfort line (60°+ dew point) all weekend with Sunday high temperatures reaching the mid-80s under mostly sunny skies.

While our weather this weekend couldn’t be better, Central/South Florida will feel the effects of what could become Tropical Storm Alex within the next 24 hours. Either way, torrential rains will likely add to the possibility of tornadoes as the center of circulation moves across the peninsula by Sunday morning.

Our next rainmaker arrives with a frontal system approaching Monday afternoon. With highs in the 80s and dew points in the 60s that day, areas of heavy rain will be likely.