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Liveblog: Follow AMC’s fourth quarter results in real time

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It’s time for cinema operator AMC (CMA) – Get the Class A report from AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. to report fourth quarter results. Wall Street Memes will follow the company’s earnings day in real time, via live blog, beginning at approximately 3:55 p.m. EST on March 1. It will be an eventful evening not to be missed!

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Figure 1: Liveblog: Follow AMC’s fourth quarter results in real time

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AMC: freedom from the pandemic

Perhaps the big theme for AMC’s earnings day will be “the end of the pandemic.” To be clear, Q4 results will still look weak compared to 2019. But the recovery that started to take shape last year is likely to continue, while any color on Q1 results should once again point to the “ business as usual”.

Regarding revenue, AMC has already pre-announced $1.17 billion. Interestingly, the company is expected to post positive adjusted EBITDA of approximately $150 million and operating cash flow of $217 million. That’s not too bad for a company with a $9 billion market cap coming out of a historic bear cycle.

Below are some interesting conversation topics that might arise:

  • Given the success of theatrical releases (e.g. Spider-Man, Uncharted), how long will it take for attendance to return to pre-pandemic numbers? In October, attendance reached 70% of 2019 levels, compared to 43% in the third quarter.
  • Has AMC made progress on any of its growth initiatives? The company has sought to diversify the business model away from box offices and concession stands to include, for example, NFT partnerships and AMC-branded popcorn.

Live blogging starts here!

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3:00 am PST: We are now awaiting AMC’s fourth quarter results! Come back a few minutes before the closing bell and join us for the live blog.