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MEDIA: Q+A – Parliament Lawn violence & Covid Mandates

Jack Tame is doing the hard work as a public media reporter right now.

Trying to dissuade frightened and angry middle-class Marxists from sending in the army is hard work and Jack has been incredible in driving martial law away from New Zealand.

He asks Coster if he feels justified in warning that this violence was going to happen.

If it is sufficient, it does not show it.

He maintains that the police were professional.

Sure. But the truth is that the SIS had infiltrated the protest in the second week and picked up information from over-excited fantasies about all the terrible things they were going to do, just like Police Intelligence had done a while ago. 15 years with the Urewera Terror Raids.

This information scared the bejesus out of an already exhausted system and the decision to force them off the lawns was made.

Of course, the protesters were violent – we had spent 3 weeks bamboozling them and then labeling their reaction as a hate crime.

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The question now is how this state force is being manipulated by the far right because we have given them a huge propaganda blow by using state violence in this way.

These issues are above Coster’s salary level, but the pressure now from frightened and angry middle-class Marxists will be for a new police state out of it all.

Hate speech laws, facial recognition CCTV software and the vast budgets of the SIS and GCSB will be cheered by the revival, they will not be challenged.

The impact beyond this decision not to defuse this stupid protest is enormous and all we have managed to do is recruit 10,000 new stormtroopers for the far right.

Well done Trevor Mallard.

The Awakened want the police to beat the protesters because to the Awakened the smelly lumpenproletariat are Nazis and they want them to be punished and beaten for being Nazis.

We’re lucky to have Coster as police commissioner right now, he prevented something much worse from happening.

Remember, Lord Woke Clint Smith called on the Governor General to fire Coster because Coster wouldn’t hit protesters when middle class Marxists panicked.

The modern left is middle class, they have benefited from working from home because they have nice homes. the perverse result of government covid support made the rich much richer while those on the lawns of Parliament suffered.

Chippy is trying to defend the last vestiges of emergency powers over our lives. He is no fool and he must have debated mandates on an intellectual level, but his utter refusal to acknowledge that the large-scale emergency policies implemented on the clog have caught up with huge numbers of people who have been accidentally punishable by warrants.

There were many more people who could not take the vaccines than we initially thought and it was the people on the lawns of Parliament who suffered the most from the yoke of this economic pain.

He makes sense as to when warrants can be dropped and is not stupid enough to give a firm date.

He acknowledges that there will be many more people with Omicron than official numbers. Accept that it could be 5 times bigger.

5 times. Bigger.

points out that it was difficult to buy RAT tests in international markets. The slow approach is driven by government bureaucracy moving as fast as possible rather than incompetence.

Points out that RATs have a high false test rate and were therefore not useful in the initial phase.

Chippy is so good. We are lucky to have his thoughtful intelligence in the face of this pandemic.

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