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Meet Abbas, the childhood friend that PM Modi mentioned in his blog

Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned his childhood friend Abbas in a blog post he wrote on the occasion of his mother’s 100th birthday. Now, more details are being discovered about him. Here is everything you need to know about Abbas, PM Modi’s childhood friend.

PM Modi’s childhood friend, Abbas.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recalled his childhood friend, Abbas, in a blog he wrote on June 18, on the occasion of his mother’s 100th birthday. Since then, netizens have been curious to know more about Abbas.

Soon, the Prime Minister’s brother identified a photo of Abbas and confirmed that it was indeed him. He also added that Abbas currently lives in Australia.

Prime Minister Modi arrived at his Gandhinagar home on June 18 to greet his mother on her 100th birthday. The PM also shared some images of his mother in the blog post he wrote.


Abbas worked as a class 2 employee for the government of Gujarat. He retired a few months ago. He worked in the food and supply department.

Abbas’ house in Kheralu district in Gujarat.

Abbas also has two sons. The eldest son lives in Kherlau district in Gujarat, while the younger son lives in Australia. Abbas Bhai currently lives in Sydney with his youngest son.

In his blog, Prime Minister Modi recalled his childhood and said that the one-and-a-half-room house in Vadnagar where he grew up was small and made of mud walls and tiles.

Speaking about his childhood friend, Prime Minister Modi said: “A bit far from our home there was a village where my father’s very close friends lived. His son was Abbas. After the untimely death of his father, our father bought Abbas from us.

“In a way, Abbas stayed and studied in our house. Like all of us children, the mother also took great care of Abbas. On Eid day, the mother used to prepare dishes of her choice for Abbas,” Prime Minister Modi added.