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Meet & Make in Preston with Zine making session this Saturday

Zine creator Ash Hardman

As part of Preston’s new Market Street Social area, there is a courtyard surrounded by artisans and creative studios.


Located just behind PLAU, off Friargate Brow, a team of freelance creatives run workshops under the ‘Meet & Make’ banner.

These workshops hope to connect Prestonians to artists and new creative experiences, inviting them to get involved and do things together.

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Over the past few weeks, the venue has hosted many events such as:

  • Talks
  • Preston History Workshops
  • Breakfast yoga sessions
  • Ceramic manufacturing

In the next few weeks there will be a floristry workshop with Ivy & Primrose.

This Saturday’s (March 12) workshop is with Preston Zine creator and photographer Ash Hardman. Just like all workshop facilitators for Meet & Make sessions at OnceWasLost. Bar.

Ash is a local, creative, downtown-based designer who thinks Zine is a great way to show off his work.

Ash said: “To me, Zine felt like the obvious next step in my career, a way to put my work together and in a context that made sense to his audience and a Zine was an affordable method for me to do that.

“I would say the content in this Zine is mostly documentary photography, but photography is my absolute passion, so the content it covers is right up my alley!

“I also collect Zines produced by photographers all over the UK. I collect from various photo book shops and exhibitions, I now have a whole collection covering every subject imaginable!

“One of the most remarkable zines in the world of photography was produced here in Preston; people might be familiar with the phrase ‘Preston is my Paris’ and that’s the name of the Zine.

“It was produced by Adam Murray, Robert Parkinson and Jamie Hawkesworth – would love to get my hands on a copy.

“If people come on Saturday, we’re going to experience what makes a good zine. I think materials play a part in a good zine – what the paper is made of, where it’s stapled or whether it’s sewn in the middle. There are so many ways to produce a zine.

“If you wanted to see any of my Zines, I have a few copies available for viewing at Jonah’s Cafe in Preston Markets!”

You can catch Ash this Saturday at OnceWasLost.Bar and join the workshop from 11am-4pm. Booking is essential as these sessions sell out quickly, to book your space online visit

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