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Meet Sonic — The New Montreal Airport Employee Who Provides Security for Hoomans

There’s a new member of the security team at the Montreal airport, and he’s a real cute one! Sonic, who will be the new dog of the K9 unit, was presented at the YUL Montréal-Trudeau International Airport Facebook pageand it’s safe to say we can’t get enough.

The Golden Shepherd pup – who is obviously the best boy ever – has been diligently posing for his screen debut, already proving to be a valuable asset to YUL’s security team.

“Cute puppy alert! Introducing the new K9 unit dog: Sonic. Born on November 25, 2021, Sonic will work with the airport patrol to ensure the safety of passengers under the good care of his handler Marie-Noelle. -dog,” the YUL team wrote.

While he’s certainly a pup to be reckoned with, Sonic isn’t in training yet. The two-month-old doggo is still too young to perform his K9 duties, Team YUL posted on Instagram – but he’ll be protecting hoomans in no time.

When the time comes for Sonic to serve and defend, he will be “responsible for protecting facilities, aircraft and passengers,” YUL said.

According to YUL website“These German Shepherds work with airport patrol to keep passengers safe. They should not be confused with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) dogs. Their role is to detect illegal food, large sums of money and drugs.”

So if you ever feel nervous about flying into the future, just know that Sonic is here for you, floof and all!