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Mike Gesicki A Perfect Fit –

Miami TE Mike Gesicki.

Joe was disturbed yesterday when he read comments from Bucs coach Todd Bowles discussing the trade deadline.

Bowles was asked if the Bucs could go shopping. The deadline for trade is Tuesday at 4 p.m. Bowles’ comments sounded like he was disinterested, like he’d dismissed the idea. He added that the Bucs might be interested if a team calls with “value.”

Hell, unless Bowles knows something the rest of us don’t, this is the last season the Bucs will have Tom Brady. Is there no sense of urgency trying to give it one last chance to give Brady the weapons he needs to succeed while you still have him?

Here’s something to chew on: If Kyle Trask is your quarterback next year, the only thing the Bucs will do in January is watch football, not play football. That’s all we can say about it.

Joe finds it almost revolting to think the Bucs aren’t sleepless at night worrying about wasting Brady’s senior year and how they can help improve the team in the coming days.

Joe will just hang out on a branch here and suggest that in our lifetime the Bucs will never have the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL again once Brady leaves the player parking lot for the last couple . of months.

Former Philadelphia and Cleveland executive Joe Banner, who now types for, thinks there’s a player there that could be held by the Bucs who are exactly the kind of weapon Brady is looking for. That would be Miami tight end Mike Gesicki.

The Penn State product is at the peak of his career at 27. He’s sort of a bigger version of Cam Brate on steroids. Gesicki is a superb receiver in traffic and a guy ready to go over the middle.

However, as Banner points out, Gesicki is not a power blocker and Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel is a big running guy and thinks tight ends need to run-block first. That’s why Gesicki, Banner thinks, would be available for a trade.

Additionally, Gesicki is in the final year of his contract, as is Brady. Gesicki, Banner said, is unlikely to return to Miami if he doesn’t start. And over the past two seasons, Gesicki has rushed for more than 700 receiving yards both years.

With Brate’s uncertainty due to his injuries – he’s been badly battered this year and it looks like Father Time is catching up with him – and with the next two tight ends both rookies, as well as Kyle Rudolph past his prime, Gesicki would be a great pickup for the Bucs.

Please don’t tell Joe the Bucs are fine with seeing Brady’s (likely) senior year team crumble without at least trying to bolster the roster by the trade deadline. That would be borderline criminal.

Who knows when the Bucs will ever be in that position to have that path to the division title again? The future is now.