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Music Update December 17th | Buzz Blog

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Patrick Buie releases “Precious Time”

A few months after his woozy and dreamy single “(Tell Me) What Went Wrong”, local artist Patrick Buie is back with another enjoyable and casually charming single in “Precious Time”. Released today, the song seems a little less emotionally charged than the previous one, which was about talking to God, but it’s actually a trick of tone. While sunny in many ways, the first line is “a smile is getting hard to find” and the refrain is “I’m losing my patience / you’re wasting my precious time”. The song itself almost sounds like the sort of pretend Buie describes lyrically – all the blinking, mellow guitar parts and the upbeat drums and tambourine jerks. Obviously, it seems like Buie’s precious time is wasted, and he wonders whether he’s wasting someone else’s too, but the way the song shakes, it’s a carry over of that truth. It’s that thing in a relationship or a friendship where you say to yourself “how are you!” Is this good ? Maybe not, but one thing’s for sure, it’s a really beautiful song. Post it where you stream and follow Patrick Buie on Instagram at @patrickbuiemusic.

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12 December Max Minutes
Another nugget of the SLCPL which is offered to you, with the usual suspects: sound, dance, film. The monthly mini-arts series focused on the inhabitants of our lovely library arrives as usual this Sunday, December 19 at 2 p.m. on For the sound portion of the series, we have Lula Asplund from Utah now based in Chicago who also performs with the experimental sound group Junior Mint Prince. Their work indeed focuses on sound and aims to make apparent the physicality of sound, in particular disembodied sounds. For this performance, Asplund will present an untitled piece on human touch as it relates to sculpture and sculpture. For the dance portion of the series, Miche ‘Smith will present a dance film titled Count everything, whose theme is “the joy that we must find in our pain, the joy that we choose in place of our pain and the pain that we joyfully lift up”. And for (more) films, there is A silent movement and I thought i was alone, two visual poems that take the form of short video compilations, all filmed in Iowa City, and featuring lyrics by their creator, Amy Childress, and cello improvisations by Bay Area cellist Stevie Rose. Childress is especially comfortable at 12 Minutes Max, as she is also a librarian at SLC. As always, visit to watch the series streaming.