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National MP Harete Hipango and her ‘Coven of Karens’

National Congressman Harete Hipango joined a group of anti-vaccine and anti-mandate Voices for Freedom protesters.

Every Kiwi has the right to demonstrate, it is a fundamental right, but these lunatics receive black money from far-right American fools and they become legitimized when deputies join their ranks!

We are living through a once-in-a-century pandemic. It’s scary, it’s disturbing, and it’s scary.

The powers implanted to restrict our freedom are extreme and must be challenged weekly – BUT the primary responsibility of the state is to protect the people and thanks to Jacinda’s incredible leadership we have one of the highest death and hospital rates the lowest in the western world.

So, while these mandates and restrictions must always be questioned, these Voices for Freedom crazies are as rational as the Qanon incels that only serve their own agendas and their crazy theories!

These are the Crystal Karens, the daughters of the first generation of feminist divorces in the 1970s who distrusted patriarchal science and ran away into the womb of Gaia new age.

When Liz Gunn yelled that Jacinda was (and I quote) “raping Gaia” it was a bugle call for all Crystal Karens to stand up.

Thanks to Facebook’s hate algorithms, Qanon’s white supremacists have managed to infiltrate the Crystal Karens’ welfare pages and spread their poisonous yellow.

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The collective name for a group of Karens is a “Coven of Karens” or a “Covid of Karens”.

If National was in power right now, we’d be screwed!

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