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New in 16.1 Beta 5 [VIDEO] • iPhone Blog in Canada

Apple began rolling out iOS 16.1 beta 5 to developers on Tuesday, with a public release of the release expected soon.

YouTuber zollotech rounded up all the changes from beta 5 in a recent video. iOS 16.1 beta 5 comes with a modem update that might serve as a remedy for the cellular connectivity issues testers complained about on beta 4, but there aren’t many other changes. Notable ones include:

  • A new alert when training in low power mode informing users that the training was recorded with less GPS and heart rate readings and that some metrics may not be available.
  • There is now a limit of 200 custom lock screens, with a warning telling users that they will need to delete some of the existing screens before creating new ones.

There are also some wording changes in the Health and Fitness apps, but that’s about it. The update focuses more on refining existing features than introducing new ones. However, it contains many fixes for issues with Matter devices.

iOS 16.1 beta 5 also fixes a known issue that prevented VPNs, especially third-party ones, from working. Some animations have also been improved to appear smoother, including those in the Music app.

Some users were reporting display flickering issues on previous versions, but unfortunately there is no news on whether or not Beta 5 fixes this issue.

The YouTuber noted some stuttering around the UI when loading items, even though they had loaded before. That said, some bugs and instabilities are to be expected with a beta.

You can consult zollotechFull video below:

Along with iOS 16.1 beta 5, Apple also released iPadOS 16 beta 12, macOS 13 beta 11, and tvOS 16.1 beta 5. Additionally, a new beta firmware for AirPods is also available, which may fix an issue where the new AirPods Pro 2 would display a battery replacement alert.

Apple is also expected to release the previously delayed iPadOS 16 later this month.

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