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NFL at Bucco Bruce Arians: Behave –

Gets an NFL nastygram.

So the suits led by NFL manager Roger Goodell spoke. And it looks like former Bucco coach Bruce Arians, the Bucs’ Super Bowl winner, will heed their warnings.

The NFL had told the Arians to stay away, otherwise!

This is the word of the creator, curator and general guru of Professional Football Discussion, the great Mike Florio. According to an NFL source, Florio learned that Arians had received a letter from the NFL instructing him to watch his P’s and Q’s if he chose to stalk the sidelines during Bucs games.

If Arians doesn’t perform on the sidelines, according to Florio, the NFL can fine Arians, or worse, ban him from the field.

According to a league source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL sent a warning letter to the Arians and Buccaneers following Sunday’s incident.

Arians was usually properly in the bench area, but he was clearly in the white strip reserved for officials, players and coaches during the altercation. He was also clearly involved in the verbal aspect of the kerfuffle.

Details of the warning are not known at this time. Presumably, the Buccaneers face potential penalties during the game, and the Arians face potential discipline in the form of a fine or maybe even a ban from the bench area. Either way, it probably won’t come to that.

How and why butcher Marshon Lattimore gets away with this hassle is beyond Joe. Lattimore is the guy who started the scrum by dragging the Bucs bench, which included barking at the Arians.

Joe thought Lattimore’s act alone was worth reporting.

Joe recalls watching a game last year where Bears defensive end Cassius Marsh tackled Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and was flagged after the game for taunting when he assaulted the bench of the Steelers.

Marsh didn’t walk to the Steelers bench and start woofering like Lattimore did. Still, nothing happened to Lattimore until he and Mike Evans dumped each other.

The fact that Evans was suspended (he is awaiting his expected appeal decision today) and that Lattimore was not is such a pot.