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NFL set to postpone Texans-Chargers

The Texans have added six more players to their COVID roster, which has now swelled to 23 players. That’s essentially half the team’s roster for tomorrow’s game against the Chargers. The offensive and defensive lines are decimated and the Texans also lack almost the entire core of the wide receiver.

Their opponent, the Los Angeles Chargers, is not without its problems. Their star running back Austin Ekeler, defensive end Joey Bosa, center Corey Linsley, rusher Chris Rumph, cornerback Tevaughn Campbell, cornerback Kemon Hall, safety Trey Marshall and returner Andre Roberts all came out with symptoms of COVID.

Even with both teams taking heavy blows to their lineup, Texans head coach David Culley was adamant the game would take place.

Culley said “We’re playing on Sunday” and backed up his statement by calling attention to the teams’ COVID-free Friday test results. “The whole league has these problems. We will be fine. “

Just because the whole league is in trouble doesn’t mean the Texans’ own issues need to be dismissed. A quick glance at the Texans defensive depth table says whatever you need to hear.

Simply put, it will be dangerous for healthy players to play an entire football game with little or no substitutions. It goes beyond chasing the Chargers for a playoff berth and chasing the Texans for a high draft pick. The Texans aren’t equipped to play a 60-minute soccer game tomorrow. It borders on the league’s negligence to allow a game to be played by two professional teams where one is unfortunately unable to complete a full roster and has a disease that runs through the locker room.

The NFL is expected to follow the NBA last year and suspend all activity until the situation becomes more apparent and play this game when teams are healthier. Whether it’s Tuesday or two weeks away, this game shouldn’t be played by a small crew.